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Q1. What operational systems are supported by SLAview ?

Telcomanager's softwares run on an appliance called TelcoAppliance. There is no need to acquire additional hardware or operational systems to run SLAview. The appliance has a CLI (command line interface) which is used to perform all configurations necessary to properly implement the system.

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Q2. What is SNMP ?

SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) is the most widely used protocol to monitor device performance in IP networks. Most IP network devices, like routers, switches, printers, desktops, servers and so on, implement SNMP agents. These agents provide a great number of performance and inventory information to management systems like SLAview. The information that each agent is able to provide is described in MIB (Management Information Base) files.

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Q3. What is the expertise of SLAview system ?

SLAview aims to monitor network elements performance and fault, fulfilling these two roles from the FCAPS framework to network management.

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Q4. What are the main technologies deployed by SLAview system ?

SLAview mainly uses SNMP v1, v2c and v3 to poll all types of performance data from network elements. Additionally the system supports integration with Cisco IP SLA probes, which can perform measurements using various protocols, like HTTP, ICMP, DNS and UDP to calculate metrics such as jitter, latency and packet loss. The ICMP protocol is also used by SLAview to calculate availability on network nodes.

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Q5. Is SLAview capable of measuring performance from any equipment connected to an IP network ?

Yes, as long as this equipment implements an SNMP agent, you can configure SLAview to poll any performance metric available in this equipment's MIB. Besides routers and swicthes, SLAview has been widely used with equipments like printers, servers, BSSs, GGSNs, SGSNs and so on.

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Q6. Can Cisco IP SLA probes be provisioned in the routers by SLAview ?

Yes. SLAview is shipped from factory with the appropriate scripts to perform configuration of most Cisco IP SLA probes, like UDP Jitter, UDP Echo and HTTP. If the script for a specific probe is not available, the user can create it.

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Q7. Does SLAview support the provisioning of other manufacturer's probes, besides Cisco ?

Yes, the device only needs to support a CLI (command line interface) accessible through SSH or Telnet and configurable via a CHAT script.

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Q8. How is the TelcoAppliance probe configuration process ?

It is identical to the Cisco IP SLA probes, which means that after the probe is created, it will be provisioned in the TelcoAppliance by SLAview.

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Q9. Can probes be provisioned in a distinct TelcoAppliance from which the SLAview application is running ?


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