We are Telcomanager

Telcomanager is a Brazilian company specialized in software development for monitoring and management of computer networks. Telcomanager systems are supplied embedded in own-made appliances, thus ensuring extreme ease of deployment in its customers’ environment.

Since 2002 Telcomanager’s mission is to develop high-performance software for network monitoring, creating new technologies or using the available technologies efficiently to create products that bring ICT (Information and Communication Technology) to the position of strategic partner.

The presence of Telcomanager, leader in the Latin American market, in the segment of network monitoring and management software, is focused on providing complete monitoring solutions that meet all the needs for an efficient management of resources directly and indirectly connected to the computer network. Telcomanager also offers support services for its solutions and a certification program with training courses for its entire product portfolio.

Today, Telcomanager systems monitor and help manage the networks of telecom operators, retail chains, banks and financial organizations, logistics companies, base industries, and content providers, among others.

By using Telcomanager solutions, several companies are managing to improve the management of their available resources, reducing costs and improving the performance of their networks.

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