In order for any Company to be able to perform its activities, a structured network is fundamental. In this aspect, it becomes naturally necessary to have a Wi-Fi network that allows not only to receive the visitor, but also to meet the necessities of the internal collaborators.Maybe, you can ask yourself:

If my Company possess a wired network, correctly structured, which attends all the collaborators in their respective workstations, for what reason should we improve our Wi-Fi network?”

For us to respond that question, it is important to recapitulate the importance of a Wi-Fi network inside a Company.


Now, we are able to see some of the main scenarios where there is a need of an adequate Wi-Fi network:


Inside a Company, it is common that several meetings can occur simultaneously. As well as, that the collaborators need to reallocate to several rooms inside the Company. However, in several cases, it can happen that a determined area does not possess the quantity of points of network that are necessary to attend all the collaborators involved in that meeting.

In such scenario, the possibility of connecting to the Internet, for example, through the Wi-Fi network can become fundamental.

Network of visitors

By standard, the Companies normally provide a specific network only for the users of the guest type to have access to the Internet, while they are inside the Office.

The utilization of this separated network is fundamental to guarantee the security, in what is referred to the prevention for the invited user to gain accesses to non-authorized contents. In addition to bringing malware, in their personal workstation, that can affect the corporative network of the Company.

Access to mobile devices

The collaborators that utilize the corporative network in their respective mobile devices (such as smartphones, tablets) need to have a Wi-Fi network with quality, so that they can traffic the necessary data.

Therefore, it is important that the users utilize the Wi-Fi network of the Company, for the connection with their devices so that the traffic control utilized by the collaborators can be totally mappable by the responsible technical team.

IoT Devices

With the growth of the IoT, it becomes more and more necessary for utilized devices to require a wireless connection with good quality and stability.

In this aspect, it is important the Wi-Fi network allows that the devices are correctly authenticated. As well as, they can be able to have the necessary network for operating in accordance with their respective application.


Now that we saw some of the main scenarios in which we need to have a Wi-Fi network with quality and enhanced, let us see some of the main points that we should pay attention for providing a Wi-Fi network inside a Company:

Survey of the coverage areas

In order to guarantee that the adequate Wi-Fi network attends the users in a satisfactory way it is important to identify which is the necessary coverage.

However, it is fundamental to have a mapping of all the physical area of the Company. As well as, which are the points that can affect the quality of the wireless networks. Just as walls, barriers of interference, among others.

Infrastructure and network equipment 

It is important to guarantee that the infrastructure is adequate. In other words, with defined standards, good quality cables and accessible for possible repairs or adjustments.

Besides that, the elements that compose the network must be updated and with valid support of the manufacturer, allowing both the replacement in case of defects, as well as support for the software.

Definition of the policies for the usage of the Wi-Fi network 

It is necessary to identify which will be the policies to be followed for the implementation of the network. As well as, the criteria for the connection and traffic of content.

This will be fundamental to guarantee the quality of the network of the collaborators. With this, it will be definable through configurable rules, which will be the Internet pages that the users will be able to access. As well as, for which period of time they will be able to remain connected.

The application of those and other rules are important, in order to stop that there are excessive expenditures due to the utilization of undue resources.

Total control of the traffic 

The utilization of a Wi-Fi network for the collaborators, will allow that the technical team possesses a mapping about the traffic that is being consumed in this network.

In order to have a total control of the traffic, it is necessary that the technical team have tools that make the monitoring in real time possible. In this manner, identifying the traffic that is being consumed.

The utilization of equipment without being included in one solution of monitoring of network, can cause several problems such as: the opening of breaches of security for invasions, network bottlenecks, inefficient consumption of resources, among others.

Execution of site-survey

Before putting a Wi-Fi network in production, it is fundamental that it becomes a part of the planning and the realization of a site survey in the environment, that enables the identification if the structure meets in fact the needs or if they need some adjustments.

The site survey must demonstrate that the Wi-Fi network is accessible, with the expected quality and able to attend the needs that caused its constitution.


It is fundamental for Companies to prioritize the quality of the Wi-Fi network, because it is important for the collaborators to perform their respective roles. However, if the network is not used correctly, it can cause several types of problems for the Company, since failures in the security until the inefficient utilization of the resources contracted by the Company.

In this sense, there is no doubts about the importance of having investments in network management. Bringing therefore not only benefits to the visibility of networks but also being a way to guarantee greater governance.

Thinking of that, Telcomanager present in the market since 2002, and a leading Latin America brand in the sector of software for managing networks. Also counting with a unique and innovative technology, deploying smart solutions in the monitoring of data that will provide a stratified vision of the traffic, is now allowing your Company to follow the most important aspects of your network, in real time.