The environmental monitoring of data centers has the capacity of obtaining metrics relative to indicators, for example, humidity and temperature. Those metrics can be obtained through specialized sensors. The sensors are manageable and compatible with the protocol SNMP.

When we speak about monitoring of networks it is common that we think about monitoring of assets. However, there is a universe of possibilities. In the article: Expand the capacity of monitoring of your network we quoted the variety of indicators that can be visualized in relation to the data center.

Levels of alarm is a functionality present in the Telcomanager systems. The idea behind this configuration, is the capacity of configuring more triggers for the same alarm. However, for each trigger, the alarm will notify with a level of urgency.


The SLAview is a network management system by Telcomanager. In this manner, it is capable of monitoring any equipment, mainly through the SNMP protocol. However, being possible to collect data from the sensors mentioned previously. Therefore, enabling the centralization of the managing data.

With the SLAview the administrator will have complete control of the data that will be collected as well as they will be demonstrated. Through the creation of profiles in the collection it is possible to choose which data will be collected based on its OID (object identifier), like they are processed and how the charts will be built. Guaranteeing in this manner the centralization, the personalization of the monitoring.

In this manner, it is possible to create charts in relation to all the indicators coming from the sensors. Each graphic is created on the basis of the variables that store and process the collected data from the sensors. However, utilizing these same variables, it is also possible to create alarms which will generate notifications based on limits defined by the administrator.


The SLAview counts with an alarms system capable of notifying the administrator of the network by several means. The notifications can be configured to arrive by e-mail, SMS, Telegram, trap SNMP or even realizing the trigger of script of personalized action.

Besides the notifications, the SLAview possess a console of alarms, where is also possible to configure sound alarms. As well as visualizing all the alarms in a centralized manner.

The first step for the configuration of an alarm is the construction of a formula. The formula will be constructed based on the variables that store and process the collected data. With that, it is possible to establish a limit, that if overcome will activate the alarm associated to the formula. With the utilization of levels of alarms, it is possible to configure more than one formula such as different limits associated to the same alarm.


In many scenarios to be notified at the moment that the indicator reach an unsustainable value is not the ideal. Such as, for example to be notified by an alarm only when the environment temperature in the data center gets too high. In this manner, being able to cause serious damages in relation to the functioning of the equipment.

There is no consensus about the conditions of temperature and humidity for a data center. However, some recommendations have been found for temperatures around 18°C and 27ºC, as  well as the relative humidity of the air between 40 and 55%.

Consequently, the configuration of different levels of triggers in the same environment for alarms to warn the network manager that there is an increase in the indicators, even before overcoming the recommended limit, it will be an important practice for the anticipation of problems that can affect the functioning of a whole infrastructure.


In this sense, there are no doubts about the importance of investing in network management. In this manner, we are able to not only bring benefits for the visibility of the infrastructure, but also representing a way to guarantee greater agility and a proactive IT team.

Thinking about that,  Telcomanager, leader in Latin America in the sector of software for network management, since 2002 in the market with a unique and innovative methodology, makes available smart solutions for the monitoring of data in order to provide complete visibility to the infrastructure of the client, allowing your Company to accompany the main aspects of your network.