Take over the control of your network with this solution which provide you all basic functions to manage your devices configuration.

CFGtool is a cost effective and easy to use tool. Save time with fast and remote settings.

With CFGtool you will be able to:

  • Extract and document all of your devices configuration
  • Keep versioning and track those modifications of each device configuration over your network
  • Define alarms to be informed of changes in current configurations
  • Create scripts to automate tasks
  • Keep track of configuration changed over time for the each monitored device
  • Recover old configuration that are unavailable on device
  • And much more…
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Easy configuration control

CFGtool will deploy and manage configuration changes on your network devices, avoiding errors and saving valuable working hours from your staff.


The provisioning tool lets you execute commands remotely through CFGtool. Every provisioning action is stored in a task list, along with the date and user responsible for the task’s execution, then the script is executed and you have the result for each equipment.

Configuration change alarms

These alarms make it easy to be aware of any configuration changes that took place in your devices. You only have to associate the alarms with the devices you are interested in and you will be notified by email, SMS or SNMP Trap when a new version is detected. Besides, these notifications will be visible in the ALARMmanager console as well.

Policy compliance automation

Define rules for compliance verification and let CFGtool do the hard work of continuously check if each configuration change is in compliance. The system will alert you in case of non-compliance.

Configuration history

Ensure your devices’ configurations are being versioned using configuration export scripts. You will be able to compare configuration versions over time using an interface that clearly displays every change applied.