Monitor the performance and faults of your IT and network infrastructures with this powerful, flexible and user friendly system.

SLAview is a high performance and robust fault and performance network management system.

With SLAview, you will be able to:

  • Using custom scripts, monitor any device on your network even if it does not support SNMP. For example, the performance of your Oracle or SQL Server databases
  • Correctly plan for network growth and justify budget requests
  • Identify faulty conditions before they become outages
  • Create alarms based on your business rules
  • React faster to behaviour changes on your infrastructure
  • And much more…
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SLAview Advanced
Multi-variable Reports

Select variables, statistics, filters, data signalling and have all the important data in one report. You can also export this data to be manipulated by your favourite spreadsheet application.

Monitor all devices

With easy-to-understand graphics, monitor the multiple performance variables available on your devices. Get the visibility you need to take complete control of your network.

Maps and alarms
fully integrated

Alarms from the ALARMmanager console are reflected on hierarchical maps, allowing you to group, drill down and easily identify the root cause of alarm storms.

Download the technical description of SLAvirew and know more details and features of this network perfomance monitor or get in touch to ask a trial
Flexible KPI creation and consolidation

Freely create the KPIs(Key performance indicators) that make sense for your business. Using the SLAview profiles you can monitor anything that is exported through the SNMP protocol or by custom scripts from our scripts collection or by writing your own.

Behaviour change alarms

Turn on the behaviour change alarm on any KPI that you created to monitor behaviour changes for that KPI. This feature is great to monitor sudden and unexpected traffic changes on your network.

Profiles for everything

Don’t wast your time doing the same thing twice. SLAview puts the profile and templated conception to really work. Create a profile or templates and use it multiple times to speed up configuration.

Automatic auto-configuration

We hate to waste time, and probably you too, after you create your profile and are happy with them, build up simple rules to say to SLAview which profile to use for each device family and never do it again in your life. Ruled can be based in any device characteristics.

Custom data collection based on scripts

Using Lua, a very simple and powerful script language, you can create custom data collection methods. Put your hands on any available data within your network, whatever its available through SNMP, Telnet, SSH, HTTP, or any other scriptable protocol.