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CFGtool - Configuration Management Solution

Take over the control of your network with this solution which provide you all basic functions to manage your devices configuration. CFGtool is a cost effective and easy to use tool. Get another level right now!

With CFGtool, you will be able to:

  • Extract and document all of your devices configuration.*
  • Keep versioning and track those modifications of each device configuration over your network.
  • Define alarms to be informed of changes in current configurations.
  • Create scripts to automate tasks.
  • Bulk script execution in multiple devices.

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Main features

Configuration history

Ensure your devices' configurations are being versioned using configuration export scripts. You will be able to compare any configuration version over time through an interface that will show you clearly every change applied.

Running and startup configurations

Devices nowadays have startup configurations, which are used when they are booted, and running configurations, which are configurations in use in the device. To separate them in different histories is very important because you will be able to identify which changed were not saved and understand why they were not applied when the device was booted.

Configuration change alarms

With configuration change alarms it is very easy to know when any change has occurred in a device. You only have to associate the alarms with the devices you are interested and you will be notified by email, SMS and Trap when a new version is detected. Beside these notifications those alarms will be visible in the alarm console.

Configuration history report

Using this report you will be able to list every monitored device in the network that suffered any configuration change and the date when this occurred in a time period. This kind of report is useful when you are interested in a specific period which you know that critical changes were applied in the devices and you want to retrieve important information about older versions. Beside that you are able to compare different devices' versions and see if they are correctly configured.


The provisioning tool lets you execute commands remotely through the system. The interface facilitates a lot this task providing an area for scripts execution, showing the conversation between the system and the provisioned devices. Every provisioning action is stored in a task list, with the date and user responsible for the task's execution as well as the script is executed and the result for each equipment. You will be able to monitor change history applied by the system.

*Only for devices which can export its configuration under a TCP/IP connection.

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