Telcomanager V9 – Reports in IT Enviroments

Version 9 of Telcomanager's IT and network environment monitoring solutions has been released on the market. This version brought several tools and features that will boost the monitoring of your IP network and IT infrastructure.…

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gestão baseada em dados

Data-driven management: why apply?

Do you know what data-driven management is and how it works? By the way, do you know how it applies and affects the performance of the IT environment? Increasingly, the expansion of Big Data and…

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Monitoring and Governance

With the continuous growth of technology in organizations, it becomes undoubtedly a challenge for all companies to keep the technology park up to date and manageable. There are currently several demands that the IT team…

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KPIs: monitor all your indicators

KPI, key performance indicator, is a way to measure whether the processes are achieving the goals previously set by the organization. In this same context, there is the SLA which is the service-level agreement, which…

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Ways to analyze your network traffic

Due to the importance of the network for the operation of enterprises, traffic should be seen as one of the most important resources to be managed. Just like for every amount of money that comes…

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data center

Monitor your entire IT environment

Currently, the importance of monitoring the entire IT environment of companies is undeniable, even more so in complex environments with several different network technologies, with different equipment and diversified systems. A failure can be catastrophic…

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