Increase your network visibility with a robust, high-performance system. It has innovative features that enable you to better understand what is happening in your network.

TRAFip is a traffic analysis system that allows you to determine what, how, when, where and by whom your network is being used.

With TRAFip you will be able to:

  • Plan for network growth and justify your budget requests correctly
  • Troubleshoot and alarm on misbehaving users and applications
  • Identify misconfigured QoS policies
  • Optimize network security policies
  • Identify suspicious activities
  • And much more…
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Multiple graphics
resources and views

A powerful and flexible data visualization front-end along with a simple and intuitive GUI will make your life easier and place your monitoring in a higher standard.

What is
important first!

Harness the various features that enable an instant overview of the most sensitive information for you.

Fast, fast,
really fast!

Load complex graphs and reports in no time thanks to cutting edge performance delivered by our proprietary database  TDB (Telcomanager database).

Download the technical description of TRAFip and know more details and features of this network traffic analyzer or get in touch to book a trial
DDos Attack Detection

TRAFwatcher (a TRAFip module) is a system used for multiple use cases such as detection of suspicious activity to investigation of activity that might be an incident, to forensics post-breach. It can insert and remove IP from blackhhole lists automatically. You can identify commons attacks such as DDoS Attacks on Port 0, Syn flood, ICMP flood, DNS amplification attack, SNMP and NTP. Configure alarms and get real-time updates of your network security with TRAFwatcher.

More accurate Capacity Planning

IT Capacity Planning is a process that involves a series of dimensioning over inter correlated areas to ensure the company have enough IT resources to run the business. With TRAFip, the network admin can get all information to produce a highly precise capacity planning.

Network Traffic Characterization

Build amazing historical charts of your traffic, highlighting the most important aspects related to the nature of your business. Break your network traffic down by application, protocol, users, subnetworks, servers, autonomous system and get numerous insights on how, what for and who is using your network.

Cutting edge classification performance

TRAFip’s classification system is composed of a powerful proprietary engine that classifies all the dimensions of a flow, thus enabling a simple hardware to process a high number of flows per second using multiple and complex criteria.

Raw data drill down

Click on any chart to drill down to the details about the traffic that originated it. Access all flow fields and perform various online translations to help you drill down on details like applications, subnets, NETBIOS names and DNS.