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SLAview - Network Management Tool

Monitor the performance and faults of your IT and network infrastructures with this powerful, flexible and user friendly system.

SLAView is a high performance and robust fault and performance network management system.

With SLAview, you will be able to:

  • Correctly plan for network growth and justify your budget requests.
  • Identify faulty conditions before they become outages.
  • Create alarms based on your business rules.
  • React faster to behavior changes on your infrastructure and much more!

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Main features

Flexible KPI creation and consolidation

Freely create the KPIs(Key performance indicators) that make sense for your business. By being able to create collecting profiles you can monitor anything that is exported through the SNMP protocol or by custom scripts.

Powerful alarms

Use our flexible and powerful alarm formula interface to create alarms based on any KPI monitored by SLAView. You can build formulas using different KPIs like traffic and errors. The alarms can be forwarded as TRAPs to another application, emailed to you or visualized at the ALARMmanager console.

Behavior change alarms

Turn on the behavior change alarm on any KPI that you created to monitor behavior changes for that KPI. This feature is great to monitor sudden and unexpected traffic changes on your network.

Rules for automatic configuration

Don´t spend hours trying to remember all the configuration details for every new device you wish to monitor. Create simple rules to automate the process and let the system take care of the repetitive tasks for you.

Report schedule and templates

Create as many templates as you wish and schedule your favorite reports to prevent the trouble of repetitive tasks.

Optimized database for historical data series

Experience the cutting edge performance of the Telcomanager historical database, which is able to store all your charts and report data in 5 minute resolution for years.

Appliance solution

Don´t go through the hassle of managing the application, hardware and operational system separately. SLAView is delivered in a fully integrated and self maintained appliance.

Scalable architecture

SLAView was built on top of a completely scalable architecture, in which you can deploy remote collectors to expand the number of monitored elements and also EPM (Expanded Processing Modules) boxes to scale on the number of simultaneous reports and users accessing the system resources.

High availability

If your environment requires high levels of availability, you can deploy a redundant appliance that keeps all data synchronized with the main appliance and takes over when there is a hardware failure.

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