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TRAFip - NetFlow Collector and Analyzer

Analyze your NetFlow, JFlow, Huawei Netstream, IPFIX and sFlow exports with this powerful and flexible tool.

TRAFip is a high performance and robust network traffic characterization system. Ground breaking features provide great insights of your network traffic.

With TRAFip, you will be able to:

  • Plan for network growth and justify your budget requests correctly.
  • Troubleshoot and alarm on misbehaving users and applications.
  • Identify misconfigured QoS policies.
  • Optimize network security policies.
  • Identify suspicious activities and much more!

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Main features

Traffic break downs

Build amazing historical charts of your traffic, highlighting the most important aspects related to the nature of your business. Charts like your web servers traffic broken down by all your locations or departments will allow you to instantly identify who is consuming this valuable resource.

Raw data drill down

Click on any chart to drill down to the details about the traffic that originated it. Access all flow fields and perform various online translations to help you drill down on details like applications, subnets, NETBIOS names and DNS.

Report schedule and templates

Create as many templates as you wish and schedule your favorite reports to prevent you the trouble of repetitive tasks.

Optimized database for historical data series

Experience the cutting edge performance of the Telcomanager historical database, which is able to store all your charts and report data in 5 minutes resolution for years.

Appliance solution

Don´t go through the hassle of managing the application, hardware and operational system separately. TRAFip system is delivered in a fully integrated and self maintained appliance.


Use our flexible and powerful alarm formula interface to create alarms about any traffic variable monitored by TRAFip and send them as SNMP TRAPs to your favorite TRAP receiver application. You can, for example, create an alarm to monitor if a specific application exceeds a certain bandwidth percentage on all your wan links or if a department is using more traffic than it should on a specific application.

Scalable architecture

TRAFip was built on top of a completely scalable architecture, in which you can deploy remote collectors to expand the number of monitored elements and also EPM (Expanded Processing Module) boxes to scale on the number of simultaneous reports and users accessing the system resources.

High availability

If your environment requires high levels of availability, you can deploy a redundant appliance that keeps all data synchronized with the main appliance and takes over when there is a hardware failure.

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