TRAFip is a powerful and flexible IP traffic analyzer that is able to show details on your network by identifying applications, users and protocols.


SLAview is the best choice for service level management. A flexible tool which is able to set different parameters to analyse performance on networks.


CFGtool is a very cost effective configuration management solution that can help you to achieve a higher level of control over your network.

Why choose Telcomanager?

Telcomanager products monitor and help controlling networks of telecom carriers, retail stores, banks, logistics corporations, base industries, content providers amongst many others.

Clearly differentiated by their technological excellence, user friendly features and high efficiency, Telcomanager products obtained a great success with very representative companies from several segments in the market.

Wherever a network is an important part of the day to day operation, Telcomanager products make the difference.

Network global analysis

Control of network utilization

Identify suspicious traffic

Fault alert

Capacity planning

IT performance analysis

QoS planning

Monitoring of SLA parameters

Forensics data of traffic


When a company uses Telcomanager solutions, their network team gain more control of the resources they manage. So they can optimize the network infrastructure for application performance, make more informed plans and investments and deliver more business value.

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