Version 9 of Telcomanager’s IT and network environment monitoring solutions has been released on the market. This version brought several tools and features that will boost the monitoring of your IP network and IT infrastructure. In this article, we will address the importance of technical and managerial reports for monitoring the IT environment.

In recent years, many companies have realized the importance of investing in management based on information analysis, thereby creating a data culture. In this scenario, a way of thinking about decision-making is adopted, where all actions are based on the continuous analysis of information. Thus, leading to more assertive decisions and without “ guesswork”, which will certainly impact the company’s results.

In possession of data, the “I think” is replaced by “let me show you”. Speaking of computer networks, due to their importance for companies, the culture can be no different. Data analysis is crucial for monitoring and decision-making. Especially in matters related to capacity management and resource usage projection.

In data analysis it is important to certify the quality of this data, therefore, the importance of using software and tools that enable access to this information in a reliable and dynamic way. For the examples below, we will use features available in TRAFip and SLAview.

Monitoring systems have several outputs that offer the possibility to obtain information about the computer network. Among the outputs, reports can provide data even more deeply about the most important aspects of your network, and best of all, they can be automated.


There are a variety of reports that can be extracted. Below are some examples:

Top N Reports

The Top N report provides consolidated statistics for any metric configured in the system. The report is shown in a ranking format where all objects are positioned based on the chosen metric. An example would be to observe the applications with the highest network traffic within a specified period.

Projection Reports

The projection report has the ability to predict the evolution of any curve and report the expected value for a period in the future. It is also possible to point a threshold and predict if and when this threshold will be reached. Thus, it is crucial for a proactive approach in the use of network resources.

Raw Data Reports

The raw data report provides detailed statistics about the flows collected by TRAFip. The report is a representation of the content of the streams and their identification fields. Thus, enabling deeper analysis on all the details of each portion of traffic that passes through the network. An example of use would be the investigation of abnormal traffic, where from the report it is possible to see where the traffic goes, where it comes from, and the content of the traffic.


For all the reports mentioned above, you can create a template. This way you can configure the report only once and save as a template. Thus, you can run the same report several times without having to configure all the fields again. For each template, you can adjust the permissions regarding the users that can view or modify the template.

Besides facilitating the execution of the reports, it is possible to automate the execution of templates. With this, the user can configure the reports to run periodically (daily, weekly, or monthly), with the analysis based on the chosen period and delivered automatically via email or to an FTP server.


Given the importance of the reports, in version 9 of the Telcomanager systems they have received special attention. Now, in addition to the various options that the systems already offered, new reports have been included.

The featured TOP N report allows the creation of a ranking in two levels, the manager can create for example a ranking of the 5 subnetworks with the highest traffic and within each subnetwork another ranking of the applications with the highest traffic in each subnetwork. The policy compliance report was also released, which will compare device configurations with defined policies. Learn which objects are not compliant with your policies with just one report. Another novelty is the inventory report that guarantees an aggregated view of the entire network inventory and the possibility of performing drilldown.


Dynamic and automatic reports will provide valuable gains in network management. It helps with data-driven management and a proactive approach.

In this sense, there is no doubt about the importance of investing in network management. This brings not only benefits for the visibility of the infrastructure, but also a way to ensure crucial information for the anticipation of problems.

With this in mind, Telcomanager, Latin America’s leader in industry of software for network management,  since 2002 in the market with a unique and innovative methodology, provides intelligent solutions for data monitoring in order to provide complete visibility to the customer’s infrastructure, allowing your company to monitor the main aspects of your IT environment.