Courses and certifications

That the job market is competitive is nothing new. New technologies are emerging daily, as a result, it is necessary for professionals to be continuously updated. Especially for those who work with information technology and…

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it’s not enough just to be connected

Connectivity, availability, and reliability are intrinsic factors to the data network. Connectivity, for most companies, will ensure the progress of all their operations, whether they are simpler or more critical, involving all areas of their…

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Computação em Nuvem

How to manage cloud computing resources properly?

Many companies in the market are looking to migrate their respective on-premises resources to cloud environments. Undoubtedly, is premised on several factors that the cloud can bring, such as elasticity, possibility of cost reduction, geographic…

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The importance of scripts in network monitoring

Currently, in the technical areas of management and monitoring of computer networks, there are well-established procedures, practices, concepts, and protocols. In this sense, FCAPS formalizes the division of technical management areas, while ITIL, besides addressing…

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