Monitoring of access points with SLAview

The wireless networks are gaining considerable eminence in the market, especially in corporations, thanks to its versatility.This because the cost with cables and installation of infrastructure of a wired network is much higher. Besides that,…

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Automating the opening of tickets

In the context of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), the system of tickets is a tool with the focus on centralizing the notifications of problems or requests from the users. In this manner, being capable…

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Retrofit In networks of computers 

The networks of computers are the great hearts that pulse, 24 hours a day and 7 days a Week, all the data in a corporation.In this sense, working continuously, the maintenance of the infrastructure of…

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Electrical energy monitoring for data centers

The concept of redundancy for computer networks is crucial. Basically, redundancy is possessing alternatives in the case of failures. Therefore, increasing the tolerance to infrastructural failures. In other words, due to the importance of the…

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An analysis of the network behavior

In order to remain competitive, many Companies are going through what we may call a digital transformation. In the face of such scenario, computer networks, that are responsible for connecting those technologies, occupy roles increasingly…

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