O Mapa Da Sua Rede

The Map Of Your Network

Undeniably, the technology is and will be increasingly more important for Companies. Primarily, because of its strategic importance for management and the Companies themselves. According to the book “Management” by Stoner (1999), “only with precise…

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What the LGPD is all about?

Currently we are witnessing the increase in cases of cyberattacks all over the World. Within such scenario, it is appropriate to state, without any doubt, that data protection has become an issue for global alert.…

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Getting more out the network with QoS and Traffic

With the continuous evolution of the technology, long-distance communications are increasingly present in everyday business life. Most times, such long-distance communications are often provided through social networks, where the user has greater interaction with those…

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What is SNMP?

What is SNMP? The Simple Network Management Protocol is one of the most used protocols for assisting with the management of networks and base protocols of SLAview. At first, we will give a brief introduction…

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