It is remarkable that increasingly, companies are adhering to the concept of remote or hybrid work for their employees, allowing them to work in full or in part from their respective homes.

With the use of appropriate technologies, employees are able to have the same efficiency working from their homes as they would if they were in the company’s office.

Although, when professionals are working in the office, the IT technical team, when they have adequate monitoring solutions, can have a detailed and accurate view of relevant information about the data network that causes some impact to users.

However, if such employees are outside the office, using the Internet for professional purposes, depending on the task to be performed there may be limitations that cause some impact on the users’ routine.

Not to mention, that often employees also use their own cell phones to perform their respective daily tasks.

In this case, what actions can your company take to reduce such an impact related to the connectivity of remote employees?

This is the topic that we will discuss in this article.


Initially, it is worth mentioning that limited network connection means that there is a bandwidth available for traffic, but that may be insufficient for the intended purpose.

Therefore, naturally, if users do not even have a stable network connection, that is, if they cannot even establish internet connectivity, this issue must be dealt with and verified separately.

It is therefore critical that we can distinguish between a limited network connection and a non-existent network connection.

Once we have made this distinction, it is necessary to make a second caveat, as we have set out below:

Limited network connection

The users manage to perform his tasks throughout the week and deliver his results satisfactorily, however, he could have his productivity increased if there were technological tools that would enable it.

Limited network connection

The user cannot perform his tasks satisfactorily, due to the absence of tools that enable him to do so.

Probably, many companies, when faced with these points, may have the impression that the problem related to a limited network connection can be easily solved by requesting the presence of such employees in the office.

Naturally, this action, despite being the most obvious, contrasts with the current market moment, where it is possible to visualize considerable growth in the hybrid or remote work modality.

Therefore, an action that goes in the opposite direction to such a scenario, may not bring the satisfactory results that many companies are obtaining, by choosing to have the modality of work that does not require the full presence of their employees in the company.


Here are some actions that your company can take to improve the quality of connectivity for your users:

Prior identification on the use of applications used by employees

For the company to be able to carry out a prior planning on what can be improved, it is essential to identify which are the applications or systems that users need to access.

Another important point is to identify in advance what is the consumption of network traffic that the user needs in order to guarantee the best possible performance. For this, it is essential that your company have the conditions to measure this metric.

Internet link upgrade

Inevitably, this option is the fastest and most intuitive possible. However, a mistake may occur if this is taken immediately, that is, without prior analysis because there may be cases, where the user already has an Internet suitable for his professional need. Nevertheless, connectivity-related issues may still occur.

Thus, it is critical to map what is the true traffic consumption that such employee really requires, to be able to perform his activities without any harm to his performance.

Given that this mapping is done, and yet, it is verified that a readjustment in the Internet link is really necessary, this can be done with precision, that is, undoubtedly, if this will solve the problem or not.


As we have seen during this article, for employees to bring the best possible performance to an organization, adequate network connectivity is a must.

Hence, the technical team must have all the technological tools that make it possible to have an adequate overview of the issues related to the data network, as well as information about the traffic consumed by employees.

This will aim to ensure proper collaboration as well as not affect the quality of the delivery of results.

With this in mind, Telcomanager, Latin  America’s leader in the network management software industry, since 2002 in the market with a unique and innovative methodology, provides intelligent solutions for monitoring data in order to provide complete visibility to the customer’s infrastructure, allowing your company to follow the main aspects of its network.


Posted on 07/20/2022