The bigger the network of your company the more complex your management will be. For this reason, to perform a traffic analysis in order to have a better corporative governance might be essential!With this in mind, the CIOs many times find bottlenecks in the administration of the IT infrastructure, as long as the traffic of data is not something physical and palpable.

Bearing in mind this critical point in the administration of networks, the technology of monitoring comes as a resource which gives visibility to this traffic.

It would be like sorts of “glasses” that allows to see with clarity what previously seemed invisible.

Thus, if earlier it was not possible to measure the usage of network resources, with these tools, you as the manager will have a complete vision about the traffic of data in the network.

Consequently, it will be possible to guarantee possibly good practices of corporative governance, generating a positive image for their clients and investors.

Continue the reading of this article to understand better about this topic and discover the solution for the traffic analysis of your network!

What is traffic analysis?

Daily, the IT managers go through a serious management test, having in sight the struggle for being able to monitor the network traffic and guarantee the operational excellence.

In this reality, the monitoring services are fundamental for the analysis of traffic of data that occurs in the network.

As well as, for such monitoring to be successful, it is necessary that this action is done in an automatized manner.

In this manner, it is possible to map the network in the correct manner.

Another interesting point of the tools of the traffic analysis is that they provide alerts and reports pointing problems and network necessities.

Therefore, the IT team has a greater clarity for being able to adjust, in the right point, the configurations necessary.

Therefore, the traffic analysis of network provides the team of IT with a vision about the origin of the problem and the process of the correction will occur in a more agile form.

Why the traffic analysis is important for the corporative governance?

The corporative governance is about a system where the companies are directed, monitored and stimulated.

In this perspective, the IT that previously was seen as an accessory area, is replaced by a central role in the corporative governance.

With that, all the network of data became recognized as an asset of the company.

Consequently, your traffic starts to be a part of the governance.

Because of that, having a tool with specialization capable of stratifying the traffic is indispensable.

Basically, this tool must:

  • Provide charts and reports,
  • Enable the capacity of visualizing the consumption by localities, subnetworks, applications, protocols, types of services among other metrics.

In this manner, the IT team will possess complete visibility of network, allowing a greater capacity of management.

Not only, generating the transference in the accountability, critical factor for being able to have a high level of corporate governance.

The TRAFip as allied in the corporative governance

TRAFip is a system of traffic analysis which allows the determining of what, how, when, where and by whom your network is being utilized.

This powerful tool arrange to collect and making the characterization of traffic of IP network.

Through the collection of data, via NetFlow protocol (or equivalent), the TRAFip offers a complete visualization of the traffic of your network.

In this form, it is possible to identify each package and associate it to users, applications, servers, workstations, protocols among other classifications that you might wish.

In this manner, you will have the correct diagnose of the problems that can be affecting your network, besides knowing about the usage that each area of the company makes of the network.

Why using the TRAFip?

  • High traffic without justification

With the TRAFip you can identify who is the user and the application that is generating a certain traffic in your network.

  • Non-approved applications

By utilizing the TRAFip, then you will be able to identify if there is some application that didn’t pass by homologation generating traffic in the network.

  • Classes of service correctly configured

With the TRAFip you can identify the applications which utilize the classes of services configured in the network.

  • Localities that most consume resources of the networks

The TRAFip is able to map which are the departments that most consume resources of the network.

This is a functionality of considerable importance, especially for the companies that apportion the costs between the sectors.

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