How efficient is the management of your network configurations?

The computer network occupies a crucial role for the functioning of Companies. Despite all the equipment present in the network respecting the same communication protocol, there is a diversity of models and equipment with different patterns of configurations. Therefore, it becomes a growing challenge to configure and keep all those equipment in an efficient manner.

According to the model FCAPS created by the ISO, that divides the management of networks in five functional areas, the management of configuration has as a purpose to inventory the network. In this manner, discovering and monitoring the configurations of the objects. Therefore, orchestrating changes of configurations of assets with due agility.

With this, it is denoted the importance of assuming the control of the network. Thus, utilizing a solution as the CFGtool that allows performing the management of configuration of devices. We will further observe some advantages of possessing a management configuration system.


Imagine a scenario where the administrator of networks is having to apply a change of configuration in thousands of devices. Nonetheless, in this overview there is no system of management of configuration and with that, the administrator will have the arduous task of accessing remotely each device for carrying out the alteration one by one. This certainly, will consume a lot of time.

One of the main advantages of a system of management of configuration is the capacity of provisioning. Thereby, allowing the administrator to execute commands in several devices simultaneously. As well as, being capable of creating appointments to execute commands automatically in predetermined timings. With that, centralizing the management and optimizing tasks.


Keeping the conformity of configurations of the equipment is crucial for the maintenance of the good functioning of the network and for the policies of information security. The network equipment cannot have the respective configuration changed in an arbitrary manner.

To this end, the system for management of settings will be capable of storing versions of configuration of the equipment and comparing them to the current structure in search for changes that were not planned. Consequently, in case there is the identification of changes which were not previously planned, alarms can be generated. The alarms notify the administrator by email, SMS, telegram or trap SNMP. Thus keeping the manager informed about the conformity of the configuration of the network equipment.


Backup is a keyword of utmost importance for any professional of information technology. For the configurations of the equipment of network it cannot be different. Imagine having to reconfigure several devices because of a failure. With that, impacting the performance of the network or even generating outages of connectivity. In this way, it is important to seek for a protection against this kind of scenario.

The backup of configuration of the CGtool will keep a history of all the configurations already accomplished in all the network equipment. Consequently, the last configuration valid of each device will be able to be recovered in a few clicks. Solving in an efficient way any problem that results in the loss of configuration.


The management of configuration will guarantee higher control of the network. Therefore, ensuring greater agility for the resolution of problems and conformity with the policies defined by the Company.

In this sense, there is no doubts about the importance of having investments in network management. Bringing therefore not only benefits to the visibility of networks but also being a way to guarantee greater governance.

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