The utilization of applications in the cloud through solutions based on external cloud providers became a reality in several Companies in the market currently.There is an infinity of benefits related to the growing of your applications under demand. Namely, in order to be able to increase or diminish the computational resources utilizing an external infrastructure.

The costs could also become attractive, when you compare them to the costs of maintaining an installed park in an on-premises environment. Such costs might be covered in a monthly manner, this facilitates in several cases, the hiring of a cloud hosting.

However, even if the security and monitoring conditions by the suppliers are excellent, there are aspects that need to be analyzed. Mainly in terms of what is referring to the security of the applications.

In this aspect it is important that we understand some points that might make a total difference for the provision of the respective services.

Let us see on the following, some of the main points:


Difference between the security of the infrastructure and vulnerability of the application

It is important that we know how to differentiate what is related to the security of the infrastructure hosted and specific vulnerabilities of a certain application.

By hiring a solution of a cloud provider, even if the cautions related to the security are applied by the appropriate provider, it is indispensable that the application have their respective updates and corrections. Therefore, according to recommendations of the manufacturer.

Using an application that is not used or that have security breaches, previously identified, might open weaknesses to be explored.

Always have an updated backup of your applications

It is indispensable for the Company to always have an updated backup of all the applications that will function in a Cloud environment.

It is also important that a defined strategy in the Company might be implemented in what is related to the routines, storing and application of the backups. This routine will highlight the periods in which the backups will occur. As well as, the storing that will identify the places where the backups will be saved.

Considering a scenario where there is some kind of suspected invasion, it is essential that your Company might be able to restore the services for their clients in smaller time possible against impact.

Therefore, the backups of the application have a fundamental role for that purpose.

 Define the policies for the restrictions of users to access 

Each department inside a Company can have distinct needs. Defining restrictions of access for the users is preventing that content can be accessed by unauthorized users.

At this point, it is important to have total mapping of the Company, including all the Departments, as well as the respective needs of each area. All the other accesses to services in the Cloud must be blocked. This will help stopping not only attacks against the system, but will also prevent scams utilizing techniques of Social Engineering.

In addition to that, will allow an increase in the performance of the infrastructure currently contracted, because the computational resources will be consumed really by the users who need to utilize them.

Keep track of the behavior of the applications and the usability

When we utilize external applications that possess dynamic computational resources, in other words, variate according to the usability, it will be important to comprehend how the respective consumptions are being reached, and if those are justifiable through the technological needs of the Company.

The consultations to those computational consumptions must be available in a rapid and easy way for the IT administrators of the Company. As well as, allowing that the data might also be visualized through charts and statistics, facilitating the comprehension of non-technical users, but are related to the strategic area of the Company, such as Administrative or Financial Directory.

Still in this point, it is important to identify if perhaps, some resource is being consumed in an incorrect way or even an unknown manner. This will allow the Company to take proper actions, in a way to avoid affording unnecessary costs, in the same, manner preventing that non-authorized accesses are carried out.

Enable your technical team in the chosen technology

Once the solution that will be hired is defined, it will also be important to have a technical team that is able to understand the resources made available at the time by the solution.

It is essential for the Company to invest in trainings and qualification for the whole team. This will allow the Company to have faster replies with more technical basis about the hosted infrastructure in the cloud.

This will allow that your technical team might be able to perform the first levels of attendance, and only resorting to the supplier in situations when it was not possible to identify previously some type of problem or possibility for improvements.

As we can observe, above there are some of the points that must be evaluated by hiring a solution in the cloud, however, there are several other points for the solutions to be experienced with minimal security standards.

Naturally, each company have specific characteristics. Consequently, always needing to make an individual evaluation for each scenario, according to the type of business to be provided by the Company, as well as the criteria and necessary standards.

In other aspects, it is important to assure that the solution hired at the time is from a trustworthy supplier and that there are standards of security which allow you hosting of one cloud infrastructure.

Solutions must be evaluated, beyond the issues related to costs, all the ones that are relative to resources, functionalities, availability and security. After all, independently of the solution being hosted in an on-premises datacenter or in an external datacenter the security must always be a key factor for any decision, in relation to the hiring of the technological solution.


In this way, there are no doubts about the importance of investing on network management. Therefore, bringing not only benefits for the network visibility, but also being a way of obtaining data for helping in the decision-making processes.

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