Do you already know the concept of 4.0 Industry? How could it affect your Company?

Innovation is the keyword for Companies that aim for growing increasingly. Therefore, it is crucial to focus on the market and on the impacts of the technological evolution, even those that are in other areas. In the face of such scenario, we will highlight concepts such as:

  • Operation in Real Time – Control in real time the production according to the information that is received. Agility in the decision making process that might count with the aid of recent technologies, such as artificial intelligence, big data and machine learning.
  • Modularity – Lining up the demand with the production. Seeking flexibility of the productive process. Therefore, modules might be attached or detached according to the necessity. Mainly, enabling the reallocation of resources without the need of complex alterations.
  • Smart Grids – Networks of intelligent devices, capable of communicating between themselves and controlling their activities in an autonomous way. From this concept derives the IoT (Internet of Things) and the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things).

All the items mentioned above are part of what we call Industry 4.0.

Do you remember the path that was traveled until you got here?


The 4.0 Industry can also be called the fourth industrial revolution. Do you remember the main concepts related to the 3 prior Industrial Revolutions?

  • First Industrial Revolution – Mechanical approach in industries. Mainly, enabling the introduction of steam engines.
  • Second Industrial Revolution – The electricity arrives with full force. Thus, driving the massive production of goods.
  • Third Industrial Revolution – Finally, the Information Technology arrives. Beginning of the informatization and the automation of processes.

History demonstrates that many of the innovations referring to the Industrial Revolutions will not be restricted to manufacturing. Primarily in the matter of the Third Industrial Revolution. With this in consideration, we have seen the invasion of the Personal Computers in companies and at homes.

Do you think that it will be different with the 4.0 Industry?


The changes are already happening. It is not a coincidence that we only hear about digital transformation all around.

The Internet of Things, have been increasingly connecting all the smart equipment. As it enables the analysis of data in real time. Sensors keep track of the environment and also of the production, allowing quick answers to problems and even automated solutions.

The amount of data generated by a Company, with its current and future clients is immense. The analysis of such data and its application in the business strategies certainly are differentials. Systems using artificial intelligence will be able to use those data to help in the decision making process. This is the utilization of the notorious Big Data concept. We still can count with the possibility of the autonomous learning through the analysis of such data. In other words, machine learning.

The current scenery shows how technology is crucial for Companies. To accompany the evolution displayed can be crucial for the future of your Company.


In the first moment it will be important to evaluate the needs of the Company. In relation to the business strategy, also to make an analysis about which points could be improved with the help of technology.

The infrastructure of the network will be the mean for integration of the smart devices and also the path to reach to the Internet. One of the most important concepts of the 4.0 Industry is the data analysis in real time. By all means, the network that executes such an important role cannot stay out of it. Therefore, it will be necessary to guarantee a system that is able to assure a stratified visibility of the network and notifications in real time.

Finally, after the identification of the improvement points and investments, creating a plan that allows the demands to be addressed. Thus, defining a time so that this objective is reached.


Intelligent networks are primordial to the 4.0 Industry. However, it will only be intelligent if they have visibility. Consequently, one of the prerequisites for the entrance of the Company in the new Industrial Revolution is the capacity of monitoring and managing your network.

In this way, there are no doubts about the importance of investing on network management. Therefore, bringing not only benefits to the visibility of the network but also being a way to guarantee an agile and proactive IT Team.

Thinking of that, Telcomanager present in the market since 2002, and a leading Latin America brand in the sector of software for managing networks. Also counting with a unique and innovative technology, deploying smart solutions in the monitoring of data that will provide a stratified vision of the traffic, is now allowing your Company to follow the most important aspects of your network, in real time.