On many articles, in this blog, we highlighted the importance of traffic visibility of the computers network. Mainly, for its benefits in relation to the proactive maintenance of the infrastructure. As well as, the access to data that will support the administrative decisions with more transparency.However, as important as guaranteeing the maintenance of the network facing problems that are caused internally, is the fact of possessing quick answers to external threats. Unfortunately, we see every time more headline news about Companies that are targets of DDoS attacks.

“The three main pillars of Information Security are: availability, confidentiality and integrity. The DDoS attack aims exactly on the availability pillar. However, denying the access to the service. While at the same time being able to cause severe damages for a Company or even paralyze essential activities of government agencies.”


The TRAFwatcher by Telcomanager performs exactly stopping the success in service denial attacks. The TRAFwatcher is a module that functions together with the TRAFip helping in the detection of threats in your network. The version 9.2.0 has come with innovations, making the TRAFwatcher even more clever and automatic.


The TRAFwatcher will be capable of taking care of your network automatically with the automatic realization of the mitigation of attacks. In the configuration of the filter of threats, it will be possible to choose between manual or automatic execution.

With the mitigation enabled, the TRAFwatcher will be capable of detecting and divert the suspected traffic without the need of direct interaction from the user. The system will carry out the analysis in accordance to threat profiles which can be associated to the subnetworks desired.

The profiles of threats can be configured for detecting traffic above a defined limit. As well as, detecting attacks, such as: SYN flood, ICMP flood, DNS amplification, SNMP amplification, NTP amplification and attacks on the 0 door.


The TRAFwatcher allows you to make it more independent for filtering threats. Thus closing the BGP session with the routers directly with the system. Guaranteeing the announcement of IP addresses in the black hole list.

Imagine a network under a DDoS attack? Probably it won’t be an easy task to send data through the infrastructure. Consequently, the TRAFwatcher needs to guarantee the success of the application of the filter of threats without depending directly from your communication with another device at the moment of the execution of the script.

Thus, the TRAFwatcher will be capable of stop the attack even in the most adverse scenarios. Guaranteeing its availability and providing more tranquility for the network administrators.


In this way, there are no doubts about the importance of investing on network management. In this same manner, bringing not only benefits to the network visibility but also being a complementary way to seek for the prevention of problems that might cause the dropping of network services.

Thinking of that, Telcomanager present in the market since 2002, and a leading Latin America brand in the sector of software for managing networks. Also counting with a unique and innovative technology, deploying smart solutions in the monitoring of data that will provide a stratified vision of the traffic, is now allowing your Company to follow the most important aspects of your network, in real time.