The alarms and reports of availability are solutions that are extremely fundamental for any user.

After all, who never felt damaged by the high time of inactivity, slowness in the applications, stopped server, impossibility of reading emails, failure in the Internet, terrible quality of callings and many other problems?

These inconveniences are not only stressing but also result in a series of losses for the Corporation. The minutes of inactivity become hours when calculated over the year.

In order to avoid this, keep up with our article and understand better about the alarms and reports.

Are you prepared? So, let us see the following topics!

  • The importance of the monitoring with reports of availability
  • Actions of monitoring in networks of computers

The importance of the monitoring with reports of availability

To accompany the action of the networks is fundamental for guaranteeing that they continue functioning and that this functioning is of good quality. For the exemplification of this, the main motive for investing in the monitoring with reports of availability is the control that you start to have on your business.

From this monitored management, you can create formulas for supervising the quality of the network of computers. This is done through the precision of the alarms that can be triggered even before a possible break or complication.

With that you must have realized, everything is a preventive action, it means, a measure that anticipates the problem. This action often generates two things that are important for any Corporation: optimization of the process of taking decisions and creation of proactive solutions.

Besides that, with the constant monitoring and the elaboration of reports, you pass to know deeply the behavior of your network in the present to actuate according with the future tendencies. Thus, you pass to utilize all the advanced functionalities favored by the monitoring for doing projections, for analyzing the history and having a global vision of the entire network.

Finally, the correct monitoring allows an important flexibility for avoiding the discrepancy of the network. Whatever happens the market is always with innovations according to the technological advance, thus, it becomes necessary to have a follow-up that includes a flexible interface and equally advanced for the configuration of the new equipment that arises.

Have you ever imagined how it would be in practice? So, check out in the following topic!

Actions of monitoring of the network of computers

We brought today 3 examples of actions that explain the functioning of the monitoring.

The first of them is the monitoring of charts. This monitoring is done through functionalities of the system that are reunited in one WEB interface. It allows a quicker browsing done by the system of tabs, menus and resources for generating charts and reports.

In this manner it is possible to monitor the activity of the network, as well as accompany peaks of instability. This facilitates actions directed for avoiding such problem.

In addition, by accompanying the charts you control better the availability of the network, determines the prioritized accesses, evaluates the necessity of band expansion, verifies the percentage of band in usage and when it is normally in use.

The second action is the generation of reports also allowed by the functionalities of the system. It is possible to create reports about any type of indicator once it is defined previously in its interface of configuration. It includes even though the most advanced where it gets configured the lines, columns and the types of aggregations between them.

Through these reports, that can be personalized and scheduled, it gets more easy to calculate performance levels of the network.

The third action is the creation of alarms. With this action the system sent alerts for enabling the correction of problems if a more agile form or for preventing that irregularities to transform into problems. Therefore, if you are responsible for a specific server or sector it can be beneficial to be with more precise strategies.

Separately, these actions are already incredible. Now,think about the possibility of having access to all those resources in a centralized manner?

Because this is what SLAview makes for you!

This is a management solution where you can accompany all of the indicators of health of your network of computers utilizing one simple Web interface.

You can configure or define all those indicators so that it becomes a flexible management solution, simple and intuitive for you to be able to monitor several types of equipment of your network in the most unified form possible.

Did you like to know about the reports of availability and other actions of network monitoring? So, access the site and find solutions which combine with such interest!