Supervising the traffic of the network is essential for avoiding malfunctioning of the network or failure in the data transmissions.

With the monitoring of the traffic, it is possible to detect the origin of improper consumptions, improving the work of the team and reducing the time invested in such efforts.

With a complete vision about the network traffic and the bandwidth, from the flows analysis.

In this manner, with statistics about the traffic, the main apps and conversations, Telcomanager is able to simplify the observation and management of the broadband.

On the following, we will show three ways of analyzing the network traffic.

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It is a powerful instrument for collection and definition of network traffic. Through this, with the collection of flows, the TRAFip provides a complete analysis and visualization of your network, monitoring all traffic.

Besides identifying each package of data and its users, servers, protocols or other aspects.

TRAFip is of easy installation and maintenance, especially, a reliable solution and well developed.

In short, allows establishing how, when, where and by whom your network is being consumed.

In order to achieve the realization of assessments, the TRAFip obtain the information relative to the traffic of the network from technologies of flow exportation, with protocols such as the NetFlow.

With that, the result of the analysis is qualifying by several standards, such as content, distribution and matrix.

By identifying the traffic, is simple to know how, who and when your network bandwidth is being utilized.

Profile of traffic in content

It is utilized when there is not an importance in the sense. The desire is only for stratifying the network traffic referent to contents that can be protocols, ToS or applications.

Profile of traffic in distribution 

It will be applied when the analysis is done in the same direction of the traffic.

Profile of traffic in matrix 

It is utilized when the analysis is done in the opposed direction in relation to the traffic.

By considering the correct tool, the manager will be able to analyze intensely the traffic and the bandwidth.

In this manner, it is unquestionable the importance of the network management.

Benefits of monitoring the bandwidth 

Optimize the usage of data of your network 

The utilization of undesired bandwidth is a real concern. By identifying the application and the origin, you can block or restrict the access.

Verify peaks of entry and output 

Detect unusual peaks and analyze which are the peaks in the traffic and packages of data in real time. In this manner, with information about the origin and destiny, it will be possible to list all the IPs which generated traffic.

Analyze the main users 

By obtaining exclusive dashboards for the main protocols and conversations, you can analyze the main users of your network who utilize the bandwidth.


Network managers need to understand what goes on in your network. By means of that, to know what happens in your network and who consumes it, besides how much of band available is left, is of extreme importance.

By considering the NetFlow, it is possible to obtain all of those aspects in a simplified manner.

NetFlow is a technology that integrates the packages of network like part of a flow. When these are grouped, the managers are able to understand who else utilizes the network, in a generalized manner.

Besides that, it is possible to know which are the areas of problems and taking preventive measures.

Why utilizing the NetFlow protocol? 

The NetFlow analysis will be based in an external collector with elaborated statistics, providing useful data to the managers who are monitoring the computer networks.

Consequently, utilizing only routers, the managers will not have sophisticated data from the caches of flows, because the cache is limited due to the router memory.

From the analysis in the NetFlow, the administrator of network can comprehend completely in what constitutes the traffic of your network.

Based in this, it becomes extremely simple to know the user or the application that utilizes a great volume of bandwidth and how much will be the utilization of bandwidth for input and output.

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