With that, the routine of everybody had to be adapted for the Home Office work, and this brought several technological challenges for Companies. Therefore, in many cases, the correct functioning of the applications depends of a network connection with good quality that cannot fail when the users are working from their houses.

When the tasks of the users are impacted due to the existence of technological problems of any nature, a technical analysis must be initiated. However, it can become at times a very complex task to perform a precise diagnostic, because there are several variables that can cause the problem, since the computer of the user to the traffic of the network that is being consumed.

How can we, in this manner, guarantee the necessary performance for the applications, in order for the users to utilize them remotely?

It is about this point that we will approach in this article.

So that we might initially carry out an analysis of which are the tools that can assist the good performance of the application, it is important that we comprehend which are the problems that by any chance compromise the functioning of such applications.

Therefore, we will list some of the main problems that can entail the bad functioning of the resources:


Network bandwidth insufficiency

Without a doubt, this is one of the problems that has hampered mostly the usage of the local resources by remote collaborators. We can quote as an example, the establishment of video conferencing calls.

Many reunions that were carried out in person started to be held in a remote manner through videoconferencing solutions.

However, for the occurrence of the establishment of calls for videoconferencing successfully, it is necessary that there is a minimum bandwidth available according to the resolution of video for each user.

In case certain users do not possess the minimal network bandwidth necessary, the establishment of calls for videoconferencing can be compromised, affecting the quality of the meeting, as well as the unique participation of the users.

Incorrect use of other applications

It is common that the users access more than one application simultaneously during the intervention of the day for the execution of your tasks. However, depending on the types of applications that are utilized in a simultaneous way, conflicts can occur in the sense of consumption of resources, being computational or from the network traffic itself.

With that, applications that the users are utilizing should be checked. As well as, which are the ones being utilized simultaneously. Therefore, implementing the mapping and a possible suitability of resources.

Lack of computational resources 

The migration of collaborators for the regime of Home Office working has brought with itself the need of implementing new technological tools, with the intention of allowing that the users might be able to perform their tasks remotely. However, not always the machines of the users are in fact prepared with internal resources for utilizing such tools. 

Absence of policies with restrictions 

When the collaborators are able to access and consume resources beyond what they really need, there is the possibility of bringing breaches of security for Companies able to generate other types of problems, such as the lack of determinate resources for the users who really need to use them.

Before such problems, let us see on the following the actions that can be carried out in order to avoid them.


Monitoring the network in real time 

It is fundamental that your Company possesses tools that enable the monitoring of the network in real time.  

The lack of tools that facilitate the verification. As well as, the non-indication of possible points for improvement, might bring several types of problems for your Company, since an unsatisfactory technical analysis and prolonged until the involvement of providers for the solutions hired, besides a verification that will not indicate where is actually the problem.

In this aspect, it is important that your Company possesses tools which will allow the identification in an easy and intuitive way through reports, the traffic that is being consumed. As well as, to be visualized, the respective alarms in accordance to the parameters previously configured.

Updating of inventory of the computer of the users 

Due to the fast evolution of the technology, might occur in several cases, the incompatibility between computational resources existent and the tools that will be implemented.

With that, it is very important that there is a verification if all the computers of the users meet the prerequisites of the applications that will be utilized and being necessary, that are carried out the due updates respectively, prior to the utilization of new tools.

This inventory must be updated in a periodic manner, with the objective of preventing that new tools are implemented, without the due verification of the computational resources priorly by the IT team.

Revision of the policies with restrictions 

It is very important that they get revised periodically, the access policies to the applications on the part of the users. This revision will allow not only a more efficient consumption of the resources, as well as avoiding breaches in the security and undue usage of the applications.

In this manner, it should be liberated for the users only the access that were necessary, and all the other resources must be automatically prevented of being accessed by such users.

We are able to realize that the Companies only will have conditions of solving or even avoiding that several problems occur, in case they possess total awareness of the local infrastructure. In order to increase the performance of applications, it is necessary to know all the infrastructure utilized, as well as which are the points that need to be improved or adapted.

Without the tools necessary, the time spent for solving a determinate problem of network infrastructure, will be able to be increased resulting in dissatisfaction on the part of the users, in case their tasks are compromised.

With the resources necessary of network mapping, your Company will be able to identify quickly the points of improvement in the network, besides guaranteeing for the users a consumption more efficient of the resources to be made available.


In this way, there are no doubts about the importance of investing on network management. In this same manner, bringing not only benefits to the network visibility but also being a complementary way to seek for the prevention of problems that might cause the dropping of network services.

Thinking of that, Telcomanager present in the market since 2002, and a leading Latin America brand in the sector of software for managing networks. Also counting with a unique and innovative technology, deploying smart solutions in the monitoring of data that will provide a stratified vision of the traffic, is now allowing your Company to follow the most important aspects of your network, in real time.