During the pandemic, we were able to notice that increasingly the remote relationships among the collaborators, intensified itself and as a consequence of this fact, the personal contacts have become less frequent. If on one hand the technology helps in the dialog between the collaborators from any part of the world, on the other hand, if wrongly applied, it can have a reverse effect, distancing people.

In this aspect, inside a Company, it is fundamental that all the collaborators fell motivated, so that the tasks are able to be executed with the higher level of quality possible, and the clients are able to be served inside an adequate deadline.

The challenges are constant, and oftentimes, the collaborators might feel without the necessary support to perform their activities or even good with themselves before the current conjecture of the company.

Remember that despite the fact that the remote contact is able to help a lot, still nothing is capable to replace the presential contact.

With that, how could we utilize the technology to improve the satisfaction of our users?

Initially, we have to understand that every individual inside a company possesses distinct characteristics, not being any easy to maintain a team always motivated.

We need to understand if we wish to maintain our talents and improve the performance of the teams in totality, it becomes necessary to have an adequate planning, and in this point, the usage of technology becomes essential.

However, we will mainly list some of the most essential points which can cause dissatisfaction of the collaborators inside a Company.


Absence of feedbacks

Without any doubts, this is one of the points that can cause more dissatisfaction to the collaborators. For that, the collaborator to know if he/she is going in the right way or if it’s necessary to revise some points, it is fundamental that the  respective manager is able to communicate such and also to help the subordinate collaborators with the due instructions, which possibly are necessary.

Unreachable targets

All the collaborators possess respective targets or tasks which need to be delivered. However, when such become intangible or almost impossible to be delivered, not only due to an internal wear, but also a huge frustration on the side of the collaborator, which certainly will put them off. With such, it is necessary a previous analysis to be made about the real possibility of delivering the proper targets or tasks.

Build-up of tasks

Many times the collaborators can feel worn out by performing multiple tasks arising from several other departments. In this case, it is important to identify where are the deviations, in other words, where there is the wrong division of the tasks and correct them.

Lack of dialog with the leaderships

In a similar form as it occurs with the absence of feedbacks, the lack of dialog, mainly when the user needs to report some situation that is uncomfortable or clarify some doubt, generates, without doubts, dissatisfaction of the user before the company.

Now that we have seen some of the main points that can cause substantial dissatisfaction on the part of the users, let use see on the following, how the technology can help to improve this.



One of the main forms of diminishing the impact of the personal absence is the utilization of the video conferencing resource. For such, it is important that in the moment of a more prolonged dialog, such as, for example, in one situation where the collaborator is uncomfortable with a determinate theme, both parts (mainly the manager) are able to activate the resource through the application utilized (without leaving it switched off).

Interactive quiz

Certainly, a great form of relaxing the day-to-day stress, are the easy-going meetings between the users where they are able to relate through an interactive quiz and feel more comfortable. For such it is possible to utilize specific applications that allow the carrying out of these types of interactions.

Portal for feedbacks

It is important that the users are able through a portal, to report how they feel working in the company, being possible to report both the positive parts as well as those that needs to be revised so that the respective managers are able to carry out the due evaluation. In some cases, there must be evaluated also, if it is possible to implement the anonymity, towards ends that make the collaborators to feel safer to express what they really feel, without fear of reprisals.

On line trainings 

The technical qualification will bring for the collaborators, a greater comfort about the themes which must be dealt by them, when they are, for example, in a meeting with the client. In this aspect, the on line training will allow that the collaborators are able to assimilate the content, working from their respective homes, not being necessary the dislocation to the site.

Applications of easy usability

Something that certainly can cause a lot of frustration for the collaborators, is the absence of tools that allow the visualization of information necessary in a quicker manner. In this conjecture, the utilization of applications that possess friendly interfaces and that dispose of information that allow the users to optimize the time, is essential.


The day-to-day rush certainly is a factor that creates a lot of difficulty for a more refined dialog among the managers and the collaborators respectively, however, it is very important that the technologies utilized in some form that allows the diminishing of this impact occasioned by several daily commitments. For such, your company will need to reconsider if with the currently existent resources it is possible or not to dispose of the necessary mechanisms to offer the technological tools.

It is worth highlighting, that even being appropriately utilized situations might occur that the technology still will not be able to improve the levels of satisfaction for all the collaborators in an integral manner.

For this reason, the maintenance of an open and constant dialog is fundamental between both parts. This will make that the users are able to expose their ideas, points of dissatisfaction and even suggestions for improving their respective workflows.

For the new collaborators in the company, it is important that the on boarding is always done in the best way possible and targets or objectives are not imposed besides what is tangible considering the short period of time when the collaborators find themselves in the company.

As we are able to observe in this article, the technology has a fundamental role to increase the level of satisfaction of the collaborators inside a company. In this aspect, it is important that your company keeps itself always up-to-date and with an adequate technological environment.

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