As technology evolves, the companies start needing new resources to optimize their respective tasks.

The technological automation through devices allows that tasks which were previously accomplished only manually, can be carried out in an automatic manner, allowing companies to improve their services provided. As well as optimizing their respective resources.

In this aspect, the IoT technology (Internet of Things) is incrementally gaining space, and making the companies to have the necessity of reevaluating all their respective infrastructure. Besides the technological aspects, that naturally IoT brings for the companies, the aspect of reduction of costs has also been justified in several sceneries, the adoption of technology in companies.

Before we get deeper into this subject, let us recapitulate what is the IoT all about.


Internet of Things is about a technology that allows the connection between objects with the purpose of, through such connection, those objects will be able to manage performing of actions.

Let us see on the following some of the most common questionings:

  • Which are the prerequisites for implementing the IoT in my company?
  • Is it necessary to perform investments in the infrastructure for the acquisition of new equipment?
  • Is it necessary to have visibility about the detailed traffic of the network of my company?

It is about such and other topics, that we will approach in this article.

Firstly, let’s see in the aftermath some of the main topics that we need to observe in a planning for an IoT environment.


Connectivity between the devices

As we have observed above, the IoT needs the devices to be connected, in other words, that these can be able to see each other in the same network. Therefore, it is natural that for an IoT implantation to be successful, to become necessary that the devices which are used possess technologies adherent to the respective scenery. For instance, if a certain device will be implemented in a place where there is no infrastructure with cabling, it will need to be connected in the network through wireless.

Expectations about the actions to be accomplished

For a solution based in IoT to be able to function adequately, it is indispensable that the company possess a correct mapping about the expectations over which actions should be executed, and which are the expected results. This must conduct all the planning, because the requisites to be applied, will depend completely of the tasks to be fulfilled.


It is very important that all the collaborators are able to have conditions to visualize or managing an IoT environment. The usability involves several aspects such as interfaces of navigation of devices, control of transferred information, access to the storing of data among several other aspects.

Strategic planning of the company

For the sake of complementing the previous points, it is important that the company can replicate for the scenery of IoT proposed, if their respective strategic needs, in conformity with their current moment. For example, if a certain company commercializes products or services through the Internet, it is important that your respective solution of IoT allows the improvement of the services provided, both for the collaborators and for the respective clients. The strategic planning of the company must be followed together with the technological planning and be revised, according to the current situation of the company.

In this form, now that we see some of the main topics necessary for a planning of IoT, let’s see on the following some of the important prerequisites for an implantation.


Adequate infrastructure of network

It is necessary to perform the mapping through all the area of the company involved, if the existent infrastructure is adequated or not, for having the necessary communications between the devices. In this aspect, it is fundamental to identify if the prerequisites of communication are served or not. For such, the ideal is realizing a Site Survey in the environment. This is important, because it can assist and evidence the points that need to be improved, such as for example, we can quote the level of quality of the connections and if those attend the traffic to be consumed by the devices.

Requirements of the devices

In one topology where we have an environment with an IoT scenario, it is necessary to identify if the devices that will be utilized possess the necessary resources to have an adequated communication. With this, it is important to verify if it is necessary the realization of investments in the acquisition of new equipment or software.

Integration between the devices

Since we have the individual prerequisites of each device, it is fundamental that there is a mapping about the integrations that will be accomplished between the devices. With that, it is fundamental that an IoT environment is implemented in conformity with the technical documentations of the manufacturers involved. This will allow to guarantee a correct functioning of the solution, according to the functionalities proposed for the respective scenery.

Management and monitoring of the network

In an IoT environment, it is indispensable for the company to possess tools that enable not only to manage your technological park, but also monitor the traffic that is being consumed. This will allow that the technical team responsible in the company to be able of having a visualization of the network in an assertive and precise manner. In addition, for your company to be able to identify in a correct manner, if it is necessary the hiring of new resources, such as, for example, links of data, it becomes indispensable the detailed control of the network of your company.

In case such control does not exist, your company will be able to contact more services of what is really necessary or on the contrary, can have problems subsequently with the utilization of insufficient resources for the purposed IoT scenario.

Requirements of security

It is essential to identify if the devices that will be a part of the IoT environment allow to implement security parameters that provide the guaranteeing of a secure communication in the network. At this point, it is important that your company verifies with the manufacturers of the devices or systems involved, which will be the resources of security that will be able to be applied in the solution.

Technical qualification of the team 

For the users to be able to experience an IoT environment, it becomes necessary that the technical team possesses the appropriate training in the products or systems that will be a part of the IoT. This will allow an appropriate maintenance in the technological park. As well as a satisfactory support for the users. This capacitation must be revised, in accordance to the applications that are being utilized in the infrastructure.

The IoT technology without a doubt, is already a reality in the current market, and naturally, many companies still can have difficulties for implementing appropriately such a technology in your infrastructure. We can quote the absence of information about the current technological park of the company, it is a factor that prevents considerably any type of planning for an implantation of an IoT environment.

For this reason, it is necessary that the companies possess a precise overview about the current technological scenario, as well as about what is being trafficked and what can be improved, so that an IoT scenario can be applied correctly.


As we could observe in the course of this article, an implantation in IoT is not simple, however if well accomplished can bring satisfactory results for the companies. However, for such, it is fundamental that your Company have detailed knowledge about all your respective infrastructure.

Once your company knows comprehensively all the technological aspects about your respective current infrastructure, the same will be able to perform the planning for an IoT environment in an easier, safer and assertive manner.

In this sense, there are no doubts about the importance of investing in network management. In this manner, bringing not only benefits for the visibility of the infrastructure, but also a way to guarantee crucial information for a good planning.

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