Before such technological scenario that we live in, all the Companies needed constant attention in what was referred to the protection of data against attacks coming from virtual criminals.

In this aspect, there are no doubts that besides having a well-defined strategy of how to proceed when there is an attempt of cyberattack identified, it is necessary to have technological tools available, which aim for the protection and preservation of data.

Another very important point, when we talk about protection against cyberattacks, is the strategy of defense.

Many can imagine that the defense strategy does not need a constant updating, however, this is a big mistake.

In the same manner as the attackers discover new methods and actions constantly for attacking their potential victims, it becomes a role for the Company to maintain a constant updating about the mechanisms of defense and protection.

In this aspect, a type of attack that is very common and that has been growing around the world, are the attacks coming from Ransomware.

It is about this type of attack that we will approach in this article.


Before we get deeper into the techniques of defense against the Ransomware attacks, we will firstly understand what this type of attack is all about, and how it occurs normally.

The Ransomware attack consists in encrypting the files of a certain company, and in the sequence, charging the payment of a “ransom” in order for such files to be decrypted.

The value of the ransom will be able to vary according to the size of the Company or the relevance of the files encrypted, types of services performed by the company. As well as in several other variables.

The victims normally receive the instructions about how the payment of the ransom can be performed, along with the threats, about what could happen in case the payment does not occur in a certain period of time.

The consequences, without any doubts, will be able to be catastrophic for any company in the financial aspect. However, also in the moral aspect, and multiple losses can be resulted.

With that, the first conclusion that we reach is that the Ransomware attack is like it was some kind of virtual kidnapping.

Now that we understand with more information the attack of a Ransomware. Which would be the techniques that could increase the defenses against this type of attack?

Let us see on the following some of the main techniques of defense:


Have an updated antivirus software in all of your machines 

For the chances of invasion to be reduced it is fundamental that the machines of all the users of the company to have a software of updated antivirus.

The antivirus must be able to identify “suspicious” software as well as stopping that non-authorized applications are execute. It is important to highlight that no antivirus software offers protection against all the malware, but yes to those that are known by the protection software. In other words, daily, new malware is arising. Therefore, many will be unknown by your antivirus.

Before this scenario, despite being important to rely on an updated antivirus, the other care measures still need to be taken.

Review the security policies

It is important to make sure that all the machines of the users possess restricted privileges. In other words, no user will be able to have conditions to install software in their respective machines, without the previous authorization of the IT department.

It aims not only to avoid the utilization of non-authorized software by the company, but also to prevent that malicious software is installed behind other types of applications.

Keep the backup of the data uptodate 

One of the great weapons utilized by the criminal is the “fear” that the users have of losing information of high importance. This occurs, because in many scenarios the companies traffic a considerable volume of information daily. However, the respective backups necessary everyday are not carried out.

Because of that, it is essential that your company possess a backup routine. The backups must be carried out through safe mechanisms, which allow a quick restoration.

In this point still, it is important that the backups are carried out in places that do not allow the access through the same place that suffered the invasion attempt.

Invest in qualification trainings

The techniques of social engineering realized with frequency by criminal, with the intent to obtain success in their actions. In this manner, it is fundamental that the companies invest time to capacitate their respective collaborators.

The capacitation aims not only to give knowledge to the users about the categories of attacks that can occur, but also to instruct them about which actions should be taken according to the respective scenarios.

Review your structure

It is of utmost importance that the technological park of your Company besides being updated, is also with all the rules necessary applied according to the types of application utilized.

In this aspect, the other applications that are not necessary should be immediately blocked. Besides that, the firewall installed in the company most block the access of

any connections that are external through doors and protocols, that are not previously identified and mapped by the technical team of security.

Monitoring of the network

It is fundamental for the Company to have conditions of investigating the traffic in real time of the respective network. As well as analyzing through specific tools, which are the applications that are being utilized by the users in the Company.

This monitoring is important, because it will allow that your technical team can anticipate itself from invaders in certain cases. With that carrying actions necessary to prevent that an attack is successful.


As we discussed in the beginning of this article, is of utmost importance that your Company keeps a constant updating about the mechanisms of protection  against cybernetic attacks. This updating tends to diminish the risks of an invasion to be successful.

It is a role of the company to keep itself constantly technologically updated, and this implies, not only in the realization of new investments, but also in internal political revisions.

To know how to conciliate the relationships of the company with the clients, along with a secure infrastructure and effective is primordial for the continuity of the business of any company.

In this sense, there are no doubts about the importance of investing in network management. In this manner, we are able to not only bring benefits for the visibility of the infrastructure, but also representing a way to guarantee greater agility and capacity of anticipating to problems.

Thinking about that,  Telcomanager, leader in Latin America in the sector of software for network management, since 2002 in the market with a unique and innovative methodology, makes available smart solutions for the monitoring of data in order to provide complete visibility to the infrastructure of the client, allowing your Company to accompany the main aspects of your network.