Information is an indispensable asset, especially when it comes to managing a resource as crucial to a company as its computer network. Network monitoring is a crucial practice for more efficient and proactive IT. The more information one has about traffic and key performance indicators (KPIs), the more effective the troubleshooting process will be.

Although positive, in some cases the amount of information provided by a good monitoring tool makes it impossible to just visually inspect graphs and on-screen reports. With this, it is necessary to have a solution that generates easily accessible notifications, as by Telegram, for example, the notification arrives in the technical team’s pocket. In addition to notifications, alarms need to identify symptoms before the problem occurs.


In addition to notifications at the time of occurrences, alarms need to identify symptoms before the issue occurs. With alarm levels, it is possible to generate notifications with different urgency levels for values that are already beginning to denote abnormality in the monitored indicator. Thus, assisting in a more proactive and less reactive IT.

Among the various technical presentations that we make at Telcomanager, one of our future customers complained about exactly that, his team was notified after the services were already unavailable, that is, in a critical situation. It is not possible to have an efficient IT if it is only putting out fires.

Network visibility ensures the power of data-driven management. The Telcomanager solutions, in addition to providing notifications by Telegram, Email, SMS, and Trap SNMP based on occurrences in your network, keeps the console centralized with all alarms active. In the console, the operator will have access to the beginning of the event, with graphics and quick diagnostics. And for each alarm he will be able to choose which group of users will be notified, all from a simple-to-navigate web interface.


For an even more consolidated view, the Telcomanager’s fault and performance management system (SLAview), allows the creation of maps for a panoramic view of your network’s topology. In addition to the topology, the maps also allow the visualization of alarms from the colors of the monitored devices or objects.

Another case that we can mention, is a Telcomanager client that uses special antennas to ensure the signal at remote points crucial to its operation. For each of these antennas, besides monitoring its connectivity, there are sensors that monitor data such as temperature, humidity, electrical voltage, among other indicators. As the antennas are located in very distant places, it is extremely expensive to move a team to the point to perform maintenance. Thus, the impact of monitoring this structure with Telcomanager solutions has made not only troubleshooting process more efficient but also reduced the cost of operations, since with the visibility generated, the teams only go to the site when they identify a real need.


Get all the data ready to perform a more assertive capacity planning and a more efficient troubleshooting, with the help of alarms, graphs and reports, ensuring maximum visibility of your network.

In this sense, there is no doubt about the importance of investing in network management. Thus, it is noticeable that these good practices bring not only benefits to the visibility of the infrastructure, but also a way to ensure crucial information for increasingly assertive planning and strategies.

With this in mind, Telcomanager, Latin America’s leader in the software network management sector, in the market since 2002, with a unique and innovative methodology, provides intelligent solutions for data monitoring to give complete visibility to the customer’s infrastructure. This allows your company to keep track of the main aspects of your network.


Published on 04/29/2022