The wireless networks are gaining considerable eminence in the market, especially in corporations, thanks to its versatility.This because the cost with cables and installation of infrastructure of a wired network is much higher. Besides that, there are many cases where the utilization of cables is unfeasible, such as in old buildings or rooms of difficult access.

The cherry on the cake that can make any administrator have wireless networks is the miniaturization of the electronic components.

In other words, with the expansion of the usage of mobile devices that are faster and have a greater processing capacity, the users started to feel the necessity for networks that are able to move to the same level.

However, it is necessary to consider some important factors when managing the Access Points, after all, it is an invisible network to the naked eye.

With that, it is a challenge to manage a wireless network with a great number of devices.

With this in mind, systems that utilize monitoring have been the solutions for these companies.

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What is Site Survey?

To rectify the problem of the monitoring the Access Point, the IT managers utilize the Site Survey.

This methodology is about a detailed analysis of the environment of the network.

Therefore, through it, it will be possible to identify the capacity of data transmission that the network infrastructure can support.

But why is this so important?

Well, think about a scenario where the IT team organizes several Access Points inside of a building, but the coverage is not good. Would the problem be really in the devices?

Who will give the answer about this issue is the Site Survey.

Through this technique, is possible to identify what is disturbing or obstructing the perfect functioning of the wireless connection.

As we said above, the wireless network cannot be seen to the naked eye, consequently, the Site Survey service utilizes one reading per radiofrequency.

In such way, it is possible to read and map the suitable areas of shadow and zones of interference that can be present in the space.

Well, in order to adopt this type of service it is necessary to analyze all the ground plant of the site, the devices utilized, users and particularities of the network.

For this reason, due to its complexity, the Site Survey methodology demands technical knowledge, applied through qualified professionals and specific software.

Monitoring of Access Points 

The Site Survey is a strategy of utmost importance for the management of all the network of the Access Points, bearing in mind the applicability of the georeferenced maps.

Essentially, this map has the capacity to demonstrate where all the devices of your network are connected and the physical topology, as well as the space logics.

That way, it is possible that the IT professional team starts being able to identify risky situations for your Wireless.

In addition, problems such as slowness, problematic configurations or any other disorders can be solved.

Consequently, the company will get rid of a series of inconveniences that can generate damages for the corporation.

Therefore, with the managing of the network accomplished through the georeferenced map, it is a great ally in its full and continuous functioning of all Wireless.

The SLAview for monitoring of the Access Points

In order to perform the monitoring of Access Point in an effective manner, the Telcomanager developed the SLAview, one system of monitoring of assets, capable of mapping all the network devices.

With the SLAview, it is possible to accompany, through a simple web interface, all the parameters of health of your network.

In this manner, the administrator, in many cases, is able to anticipate the cause of a future problem.

So for example, parameters such as latency, loss of packages, availability, jitter, errors, traffic and many others are easily collected, manipulated and analyzed.

Not only the data collected can be utilized to trace historical charts, visualizing the evolutive behavior of an indicator and/or defining SLA parameters.

All the indicators can be configured to generate alarms in the moment when levels opposition are presented in disagreement with the quality of the network.

In this manner, in addition to mapping, the SLAview alerts every time that your wireless network presents any mistake.

With the SLAview you will be able to:

  • Monitor the performance of the equipment of your network through the SNMP protocol and others;
  • Create KPIs to accompany the conformity of the SLA;
  • Identify potential failures before they become fatal for the functioning of the network;
  • Configure alarms in accordance to the policies for the usage of your network;
  • React rapidly to the changes of behavior in your local infrastructure.

The SLAview is a flexible management solution that in a very simple and intuitive way helps the IT team to monitor several types of equipment and metrics of your network.

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