In the context of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), the system of tickets is a tool with the focus on centralizing the notifications of problems or requests from the users. In this manner, being capable of registering and organizing the demands, as well as integrating the ICT sector with the other sectors of the Company.According to the version 3 of the book of operation of services of the ITIL, the management of technology has 5 levels of maturity, being the first oriented to technology, in other words, an ICT sector self-centered, without focusing on the services. The last level is the one of the strategic contribution, in which the technology is measured by the delivery of value, integrated to the business and possess total technical management. Thereby, being implanted in conformity with the good practices of management of ICT, the service desk is capable of influencing in the efficiency of all the organization.

In the majority of the organizations, the system of tickets is associated to the service desk (central of services). Therefore, it plays a key role in the workflow in what is concerned to the management of the service desk and the availability of the services provided and supported by the ICT inside the Company.


As we have seen, the process of opening of tickets is of vital importance for the good functioning of the service desk. However, it would be necessary to highly value its efficacy. Accordingly, below we will check some strategies that will help to guarantee a good flow in the management of the demands.

Levels of Urgency

Categorizing the tickets according to the level of priority is an important practice for guaranteeing the fluidity of the customer support, as well as guaranteeing that the most important ones get the adequate levels of attention.

Qualification of the Professionals

The capacitation of the professionals is certainly one of the best investments that a Company can make. In this way, impacting directly in the own satisfaction of the collaborator, who feels more valued, as well as in terms of his/her productivity, guaranteeing a greater technical control in relation to their activities.

Creation of a Knowledge Base

With the management of knowledge the central of services will be able to create the databases. In that way, centralizing the history of records of attendances and known problems. With that, we could avoid the loss of important information and creating a valuable source of research for greater flexibility in the solving of tickets.


In one of our articles we previously wrote about  the cost of waiting for the problem to happen. The support team cannot be only reactive. It is necessary to have the capacity of anticipating to the problems, as well as the agility to apply the solution. To this end, it is necessary to dispose of a system that guarantees the complete visibility of the traffic and the performance of the network assets.

One of the main functionalities of the TRAFip and of the SLAview is the creation of alarms. With the alarms, the support team will be promptly notified in relation to the alterations of everything that can be monitored. In the article monitor everything in your data center, we spoke about the range that the monitoring can reach. The system will be able to monitor from servers, network devices and no-breaks to indicators related to the environment, such as temperature, humidity and presence of liquid.

I this manner, for any relevant alteration, the support team will be notified. By standard the alarms of the systems of the Telcomanager will be able to notify by email, SMS, Telegram, or even generate a sound alert. However, with customized solutions, it will be possible to integrate the system of alarms with the system of tickets of the Company. Thereby, guaranteeing the authenticity in the opening of tickets for the corrects groups. With that, promoting greater proactivity and agility in the treatment of incidents.


In this sense, there is no doubts about the importance of investments in network management. Bringing therefore not only benefits to the visibility of the network but also being a way to guarantee greater governance.

Thinking about that,  Telcomanager, leader in Latin America in the sector of software for network management, since 2002 in the market with a unique and innovative methodology, makes available smart solutions for the monitoring of data in order to provide complete visibility to the infrastructure of the client, allowing your Company to accompany the main aspects of your network in real time.