The increase of traffic in the networks amplified the complexity for managing the IT infrastructure, for this reason, identifying and treating the problems of functioning have been complicated tasks demanding a large quantity of time.

In this sense, new tools of predictive analysis will be able to help the team of IT to solve specific problems with greater efficiency, because it is possible to fix them before causing failures in the operation of the network.

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Why implementing the predictive analysis in your company to prevent the behavior of your network?

The implementation of this resource proposes itself to offer to your Company an efficient form for reducing bottlenecks, interruptions and other problems related to the functioning of the network before they impact the performance of the application. In addition to collecting, storing and organizing the data of traffic in an efficient form.

Benefits of the predictive analysis

Prevention of failures

The predictive analysis transcends the typical monitoring of the network, software such as the TRAFip and the SLAview enable the creation of an enlarged view of the subsequent operations of the network. These resources propose solutions of monitoring that enable the analysis and qualification of the traffic in the network.

The bigger the amount of information about the problems that generally tackle the networks, more easily you will predict the performance failures and also be able to take measures before the problem is notable.

Anticipation of capacity requirements

With the predictive analysis it is possible to evaluate the tendencies seen in the standards for the traffic of data, allowing the analyst of the network to take preventive decisions about the behavior of the network or about the need of escalating the capacity.

When the predictive analysis is carried out correctly, it is possible to predict the impact, creating the possibility to act quickly.

It is possible to guarantee the performance of quality by predicting the behavior of the network

The algorithms of prediction applied in the traffic of the network encompass the standard activities of statistic planning of the network, which improve your performance.

In addition, the algorithms of prediction influence in the performance of the network because it helps in decision-making about which events will cause greater impact in the results.

Reports of projection for predicting the behavior of the network

Reports of projection help capturing and organizing important information. In this sense, reports such as the TRAFip and SLAview can help.

The TRAFip is a system of traffic analysis capable of guaranteeing the vision of layers of the network enabling an amplified vision of what happens in the network infrastructure.

The curves of projections generated allow an analysis of tendency that help in the detection of changes, especially when the data are analyzed in large intervals.

In addition, this analysis can be carried out through the alarms of alterations of behavior.

Finally, the resources of the TRAFip will provide the stratification and characterization of the traffic of network acting mainly in the effectiveness of the management.

Moreover, your company might count with the SLAview system, which helps in the management quantifying the performance of the network in a simple manner. Through this resource the IT team will be able to:

  • Analyze the activity of the network equipment through protocols such as the SNMP;
  • Identifying and responding quickly to possible failures in its local infrastructure which affects the functioning of the network;
  • Generating key performance indicators (KPIs) that help in the following-up of SLA adjusted to their policies of usage;
  • Opting for which variables and filters will be used in a report;
  • Visualizing the performance of the devices by means of charts easily understandable which allow the monitoring of several variables of performance available in your system;
  • Creating alarms for changes of behavior and integrating them to another functionalities facilitating the recognition of the problem;
  • Collecting data per script, being possible to create methods of personalized collection of data.


It is worth highlighting that preventive assessments of networks are strategic tools and that it will enhance the processes realized by the IT team, being part of a general analytical assembly.

In addition, it is important to remember that predictive analysis are constructed in a procedural form and requiring a great quantity of data that need specialized people for operational procedures.

In this sense, it is interesting that the predictive model starts with the basic analysis, to become intuitive and easy to handle.

In conclusion, the benefits of the predictive analysis optimize the time and effort necessary to maintain the network traffic functioning correctly. Get in touch with our  team of experts in the Telcomanager technology and watch how we can help in your journey.