Without any doubts, one of the major questionings that the companies possess currently with relation to the investments that need to be performed, is if it would still be valuable to acquire the products permanently or if it is more viable to hire all the solutions as a service.Before we deepen in such theme, it is important that we highlight that many companies still opt for performing investments through a definite acquisition of the equipment or of the perpetual licenses.

However, the adoption of the employment of products by means of service, in other words, with monthly payments, is becoming very attractive in several scenarios and enabling companies to remain updating periodically their technological park.

With that, how to know if it is more advantageous to acquire definitely the solution or only conclude a leasing contract?

Is it really valid to acquire all the solution of infrastructure of the company through services?

It is over these and other points that we will address in this article.

Firstly, it is important to consider that a contractual change might mean or not (necessarily) one technical alteration in your environment.

In order to exemplify, let us see on the following 2 (two) scenarios where this would be exactly applied.


Scenario 1: Replacement of the contract modality keeping the on-premises technological park 

In this scenario, the company can only replace the modality of contract, in other words, instead of buying the solution definitely, performs the leasing of it, keeping the technical part functioning in the same manner it would work when the solution was hired definitely.

In this case, as there is no alterations in the technical part, there is a greater easiness in the change of modality of the contract. However, such as in any contractual change, the company must be observant to several points, such as values to be monthly collected, standards of customer service, periodical updates, service coverings with their respective manufacturers, between several other matters.

Scenario 2: Replacement of the contract modality with the migration for a cloud environment

In this scenario, the company decides not only to change the kind of contract but also, to migrate all the infrastructure based in on-premises for a cloud environment. This scenario is about a considerable change, and by this reason before being analyzed the bureaucratic contractual questions, must be investigated as the technical part will be answered.

For such, it is important to identify several technical points, amongst which we may quote some:

  • What applications will be migrated to the cloud?
  • Will there be any kind of change in the usability for the collaborators?
  • Will any alteration in the security policy of the company be necessary?
  • What are the mechanisms of data protection that these cloud solutions will make available?

Since all the technical points get identified and mapped correctly, your company will be qualified to verify the other contractual questions relative to the solution that will be made available.

Apart from these two scenarios, a company can also carry out a mixture of both, in other words, migrating a part of the solution for a cloud environment and the other remaining on-premises.

With that, considering that your company already identified what would be the scenario that applies best for your respective model of business, it is important also to identify other points that can help in a decision-making process. Let us see on the following:


Monthly costs for the employment of the solution

The monthly value to be charged is competitive apparently when compared to the cost of acquiring permanently the solution and providing the support? It is important to highlight that the investment in one hiring based in services, must consider that the monthly costs become more attractive financially, when compared to one hiring at sight.

Validity of the services contract

It is fundamental to identify if the validity of the services contract to be signed agrees with the expectations of the company. It is important to verify also if all the services needed will be covered, such as periodical updating of the platforms, technical support for maintenance, professional services for customization, among others categories of services.

Technological qualification

You company possesses a qualified technical team in the solution to be hired? Remembering that even if the hired company provides services of technical support, it is indispensable that the team in the company possesses technical knowledge about the solution.

With that, in case your company does not possess, in the collaborators list, professionals with the necessary technical knowledge in the platform to be hired, a technical training is fundamental.

Updating of versions

The existing applications allow the realization of updatings or does it become necessary a new investment for the replacement of the existing current solution? In case the current platform is not supported anymore by the manufacturer or has been discontinued, it can be that this is a good indication to be considered for evaluation when contracting by the means of service. In this aspect is important to ensure that the solution to be hired, allows the performance updatings, and that such scope of updating is part of the service agreement.


In case the solution is based in the cloud, it is important to evaluate which are the addresses where the solution is hosted, and if the same possesses a geographical redundancy, in order to guarantee that case there is any failure in one of the points, the service can remain working, without occasioning impacts for the users.

Will there be any backup solution? 

If there is perhaps any technical problem, is there any palliative solution or contingency plan that your company will be able to adopt in order to not being with the service completely inoperable? It is important that your Company has the possibilities for that in case any problem occurs with the solution, it will be possible to proceed with alternative solutions, even if temporarily.


Independently of the solution being on the cloud, the data needs to traffic between the workstations to the data center of the hired company. Due to the elevated number of offers for solutions in the cloud currently, many companies might end up deciding to migrate their environment for a hosting in the cloud and without a previous identification of the park.

This without doubts, will likely occasion in several problems, both in the technological slant such as usability and security for the users.

It is important to evaluate if the solution to be hired attend completely to all the essential requisites, as well as possesses the security mechanisms necessary in order to traffic the data in a secure way.

In this aspect it is important to deeply know your infrastructure as well as identify which are the points that need to be technologically improved, with the objective of providing a solution that is able to meet the demands requested by the collaborators.

In this sense, there are no doubts about the importance of investing in network management. Therefore, we are able to bring not only benefits for the visibility of the infrastructure, but also a way of guaranteeing crucial information for the foresight of problems.

Thinking about that,  Telcomanager, leader in Latin America in the sector of software for network management, since 2002 in the market with a unique and innovative methodology, makes available smart solutions for the monitoring of data for providing complete visibility to the infrastructure of the client, allowing your Company to accompany the main aspects of your network.