The networks of computers are the great hearts that pulse, 24 hours a day and 7 days a Week, all the data in a corporation.In this sense, working continuously, the maintenance of the infrastructure of IT can be a very delicate task, after all, we value always for the availability of the systems.

And in the face of this bottleneck, when the Companies wish to implement improvements in the network of computers, IT professionals gather all the possible efforts to be able to offer the minimum of unavailability.

In this reality, the so-called Retrofit that is based in monitoring has been very frequently applied.

This because critical systems of high technology demand strategies that generate the maximum of success, and the minimum of damage.

In addition to the reform with the continuous functioning, the retrofit is ideal for those that dispose of little financial resources for the updating of the computers network.

So, did you get curious to know how to have better control in the moment of upgrading your network?

Continue reading this article and know how to utilize the technology for your benefit during this activity!

What is Retrofit and how to apply it in computer networks?

Firstly, we will understand from where this retrofit story comes from.

Well, this concept arose in the late 90s, in Europe and in the United States, and did not relate directly with the technology.

In fact, its first applications were in the reform of old edifications, in order to increase lifespans.

As well as the structure of the buildings, a network of computers also possess elements with outdated technology.

Before that, through the application of techniques of modernization or “retrofitting”, it is possible to perform the reformulation of the infrastructure, providing success to the technological updating.

Without doubts, the retrofit is one of the most utilized solutions for users that do not dispose of great budgets, but that need to reform the networks of communication, for a matter of survival.

In this manner, the retrofit provides programmed reforms so that the systems won’t need to stop.

In which scenario is it possible to apply the retrofit?

Basically, it is possible to utilize the retrofit project in Companies that wish to update the network of computers without having to invest in a new infrastructure.

But of course, this must not be made in a regular way!

The IT technical team needs to discuss the three main following points:

  1. Analyzing the viability of this alternative for the reduction of the costs of the project.
  2. Determining how the investment will be enabled.
  3. Establishing how the network will be managed during and after the implementation of the improvements.

Know that for the retrofit to work, it is necessary that the IT team does not dismiss those actions.

They are not crucial for the successful conclusion of all of the retrofitting process.

Monitoring: Main ally of the retrofit

The monitoring of the IT environment is an essential practice for keeping the continuity of your Company and essential for the realization of the retrofit.

This because the action of monitoring allows the verification of several aspects of its infrastructure, including the performance of the equipment, systems and applications.

In this manner, it is possible to have the overview of all the possible problems in their environment.

Advantages of the monitoring in the application of the retrofit in the network of computers

Decision taking based in reliable data

The monitoring allows the TI team to have a 360° view of the infrastructure of the network of computers.

Thus, it is possible to take decisions that are more assertive about which equipment and software will be necessary to be replaced.

Reduction of costs

The greater motivation for the realization of the retrofit is the reduction of the costs.

This because the replacement of some elements requires an investment below of what is necessary for the complete substitution of the infrastructure.

Specially, Companies that count with a basic budget, when passing through the retrofit, can opt by the procedural replacement, carrying it out by stages, in accordance with a plan of investments.

Measuring the exact reduction of costs is a bit complex.

However, depending of the current situation of the network and what is desired to obtain, it is possible to have a reduction of costs between 10% and 30%.

Preventive maintenance

There is an old saying that states “only the owner of the house knows where the roof leaks are”, transforming this for the reality of the networks of computers, we can say that the monitoring is the owner that is able to identify the flaws of the infrastructure.

With the monitoring the IT environment acting in an operational way, the preventive maintenances are done.

And with that, it is possible to initiate the processes of retrofitting with the reports made available by monitoring.

In this manner, the IT team is able to replace exactly the element that can become problematic in a near future.

Therefore, by opting for monitoring and keeping the preventive maintenances, you and your Company are less susceptible to errors that can strike the reputation of the business.

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