In a Corporate Office, it is very common that the workstations are connected in the network, through a structured wired network. The infrastructure of the wired network assists the Company in several points on what is referred to the installation of equipment, for the most varied applications, as well as for the execution of tasks by the users.With the utilization of the IP telephony, many Companies opt for utilizing the same infrastructure of network cabling, both for their respective workstation and for an IP telephone.

This is possible, due to several IP telephones in the market possessing a second network door available for the sharing of the network with a workstation. With that, the IP telephone receives the network cabling that comes from the switch, through the LAN network door of the telephone. In this manner, the IP telephone itself enables the connection of one network cable between himself and a workstation, sharing therefore, one only cabling which is derivative from the switch.

Besides the usage of the IP telephony, having an adequate infrastructure for cabling of network is vital for guaranteeing the necessary performance of the applications, as well as, avoiding technical problems, which aim to bring disorders to the Company.

One infrastructure of network cabling that is not adequate can cause several types of problems, from slowness in the traffic of the information, until the downtime of determinate services of the network.

Due to those reasons, which points would be necessary to be identified for mapping correctly a new implantation of network infrastructure?


Let us see on the following, some of the main:

Total mapping of the infrastructure

Before proceeding with any step of the project of implantation, it is necessary to understand the physical plant of the place, including all the rooms that will receive the network cabling. The ideal, is that in case your Company does not possess the specific technical team for this segment, the possibility of hiring a Company specialized in this area is evaluated, that might assist in the planning, as well as the execution of the correct and standardized manner for all the infrastructure.

It is necessary to identify which are the areas that will need adequation for receiving the infrastructure, as well as planning appropriately how the cables will be passed from one area to another, respecting the maximum limit of distance.

Identifying what category of cable will meet the requirements better

It is important to identify which are the necessary requirements for the applications that will utilize the infrastructure of cabled network, so that a cabling with transference rate incompatible to what is necessary is not launched.

For such, it is important to check, among other information, what are the bands necessary for the applications, as well as the characteristics of the switches, in order to be able to position the category of the cable which will meet adequately.

Verify the localization of the switches

So that the planning of an infrastructure of network to be successful, it is fundamental that it gets mapped correctly as will be the distribution of the switches for assisting the points of the users. In this aspect, for a new implantation, it is important too to check if the IP telephones will be used on the table of the users.

In this sense, it is fundamental to check if the IP telephones possess a network door available for the sharing of network with one workstation with the velocity necessary, in case it is in the planning of the utilization of the same cabling for both.

Another important point is that there are several IP telephones available in the market that allow the electrical power supply through PoE (Power over Ethernet). This allows the energization of the IP telephone through the same network cable which is deriving from the switch.

In this aspect, in case your Company adopts the PoE for powering the IP telephones, it is important to check if the switches possess this capacity. Still, in this point, in order to guarantee an efficient consumption of energy, it is important to identify what will be the energy consumption of the IP telephone.

Let us see now, some important points for the maintenance of the infrastructure of the cabled network, can be done adequately:

Organization of the cables in the CDP

The organization of the cabling is essential. For such, there are some scenarios that should be avoided, such as: interlaced cabling to one another without the correct separation and passing, RJ-45 connectors damaged, stretched cables to their limit or with very extended remains without the correct organization. These and several other cases damaging to the organization, should be avoided.

Correct identification

This factor is fundamental, for that the technical team can carry out the maintenance. Imagine that a certain user reports that he(she) is without network in the workstation and your technical team, by looking at the CDP sees that there are at least 6 (six) switches of 24 doors, without any identification about which floor or point is supplied in each door. If your technical team does not possess the information stored somewhere, probably, it will have many difficulties to identify which point of the network is assisting this user.

Predefined periods of reevaluation and possible replacement

It is important that minimal periods are defined for reevaluation, as well as the possible replacement of a certain cabling. This preventive maintenance will be able to avoid possible troubles due to the wearing out of the materials, and consequently will allow that the technical team will be able to carry out the due repairs in programmed windows of time, outside of the schedule, that do no impact the operation.

Instructions to the users about the correct utilization

The instruction for the users also have a very important role for the maintenance of the infrastructure of the network. Those instructions have the role of explaining to the users about how to utilize the cabling in a correct way, avoiding wearing out due to the improper usage. With that, simple recommendations, such as avoiding making several knots on the cable or even showing the correct manner of utilizing the materials, help the technical team, avoiding possible problems.


As we can observe, there are several important points that can be observed for that the cabling infrastructure of network is correctly carried out, as well as maintained properly.

Because of this reason, the planning is fundamental so that any Company might be able to elaborate new projects of network infrastructure. This requires knowing the necessities of the physical environments and technological of the Company. And with that, elaborating a project that allows not only to meet them, in this moment, as well as enabling that your Company can carry out the expansions and modernization that are necessary.

An infrastructure of network that is cabled, is organized and standardized will be able to avoid several types of technological problems for the users, as well as will allow that the IT team can have control of the environment, with that, supporting properly the users in their respective solicitations and needs.

In this sense, there is no doubts about the importance of having investments in network management. Bringing therefore not only benefits to the visibility of networks but also being a way to guarantee greater governance.

Thinking of that, Telcomanager present in the market since 2002, and a leading Latin America brand in the sector of software for managing networks. Also counting with a unique and innovative technology, deploying smart solutions in the monitoring of data that will provide a stratified vision of the traffic, is now allowing your Company to follow the most important aspects of your network, in real time.