Currently, we see in a consensual manner the importance of technology for Companies. Investments in infrastructure and applications will not stop growing. Therefore, transforming the IT (Information Technology) in a protagonist of the evolution of businesses. However, at the same time that the investments guarantee the capacity to support the operations of the Company, the IT environment becomes increasingly more complex and challenging to be maintained.

With that, the continuous monitoring of the IT environment is crucial for guaranteeing the performance according to the defined parameters. As well as, the agility for the identification of failures. Consequently, guaranteeing the detection of alteration of performance and availability. The monitoring of the environment involves the monitoring of all the network, applications, as well as devices related.

In this manner, the monitoring of software, such as with the case of SLAview which is a crucial tool for a more efficient team of IT support. As well as, for guaranteeing the best practices of governance. From SLAview it will be possible to consult graphics, reports and configure alarms. Thus, providing the Company with data and supporting the decision-making, with greater assertiveness.


The main data collection mean of the SLAview is the protocol SNMP. However, some gathering will be able to be done via ICMP or by personalized scripts. Through the profiles, the system guarantees extreme freedom for the user in relation to what must be monitored.

The SNMP protocol is responsible for establishing the exchange of management information. This exchange is carried out between two components: manager and agent. The agent is a software module localized in the managed device, responsible for translating the local information of management and standardize them in compatible databases with the SNMP protocol. The managers will be responsible for controlling and requesting the information for the agent, that in our scenery will be the role played by the SLAview.

With the profiles, the user will be capable of choosing which data will be collected through the SNMP protocol, such as these data will be processed for the better understanding and how the graphics will be shown for better visualization. Before such scenario, the administrator will have the complete vision of all the parameters of performance of their network. As well as, with greater easiness in the identification of failures.


As we saw previously, the SLAview has the capacity of collecting the management data and showing them in a complete personalized manner. In this manner, it is possible to monitor all the characteristics of the assets of network. With that, the administrator will be able to have access to parameters such as: CPU consumption, storage, memory, uptime, temperature of the device, latency, loss of packages, among others.

Nonetheless, a person is deceived when thinking that the SNMP protocol is restricted to the network devices. Since the capacity of monitoring will be expanded for electrical equipment and even indicators referring to the external environment.

With the advancement of the Internet of Things, we have more and more devices connected to the network. As well as, devices with sensors that possess support to the SNMP protocol. On the following there are some examples of sensors that can provide even more management data for the SLAview:

  • Sensors of Temperature and Humidity: monitors the temperature and humidity of the external environment, opening the possibility for accompanying the evolution of the temperature and humidity in forms of graphics and a report. As well as, the creation of alarms based on the increase of those indicators.
  • Liquid Sensors: monitor the presence of liquid, even under an elevated level. In this manner, enabling the creation of alarms for the notification of liquids leakage in controlled environments.
  • Sensors for the monitoring of electric network: compatible with the monitoring of a bank of batteries, status and tension of the electric network. Thus, enabling the creation of graphics, reports and alarms in relation to those indicators.

Those are only some examples of the several types of sensors available in the market which will provide a variety of information of all the monitored environment. The SLAview will be capable of centralizing all those information in one friendly and customizable Web interface, providing complete visibility of your IT network.


In this sense, there is no doubts about the importance of having investments in network management. Bringing therefore not only benefits to the visibility of networks but also being a way to guarantee greater governance.

Thinking of that, Telcomanager present in the market since 2002, and a leading Latin America brand in the sector of software for managing networks. Also counting with a unique and innovative technology, deploying smart solutions in the monitoring of data that will provide a stratified vision of the traffic, is now allowing your Company to follow the most important aspects of your network, in real time.