Due to the high growth in the offering of solutions based on the Cloud model, many Companies might end up leaving themselves to be guided only by the price of a determinate product or solution.This without a doubt might bring several negative consequences for the business of any Company, because the requisites and needs of a Company are not always the same to the other.

In addition to that many providers do not carry out a more detailed technical analysis about the environment of the Company, and with that end up directing their respective offer for a cloud model that probably will not meet all the expected requirements.

This analysis is very important, because all of the technical structure of your Company must be aligned with the type of implementation in the cloud chosen. In case it is not, several problems might result for the Company, since the implementation of the cloud until its respective utilization.

Based on this, how could a Company might be able to define the better model for a cloud in your business?


For the sake of arriving to a possible answer for this question, let us conceptualize which are the types of cloud solutions that currently are available:

Private Cloud

The model based on a private cloud is with respect to where every services related to the contracted applications are in the private network of the Company. In other words, it is not necessary to have access to the Internet.

This model allows for the Companies to mount their own cloud of services and solutions. Therefore, utilizing their own resources in their respective data centers. Nevertheless, all the management and maintenance of the solution shall be in charge of the Company. Consequently, it becomes totally responsible for the functioning of all the hosted applications.

One of the main points that must be considered in this model, is that for its implementation there is the need to have a qualified technical team and the respective period of implementation will be able to be considered.

However, such model tends to be the safe, bearing in mind that there will not be any hosting of external applications to be made available through the Internet.

This will allow your technical team to have total control of all the applications operating and also to visualize in details the functioning of the solution, through logs of the system itself.

Hybrid cloud

The model based in hybrid cloud is about a template where part of the services and applications are on the private network and the other part allocated on the Internet.

This model is very common for the sceneries where the Companies wish to utilize resources allocated from hosted solutions on the Internet. However, they require that those operate in a harmonic way or integrated to hosted solutions in their respective infrastructure.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to check if the functioning between hosted applications in the local infrastructure and applications hosted on the Internet will not go contrary to the security policies of the Company in question.

If there are applications which need to stay hosted only in the private network and other applications might be on Internet, it is necessary to identify if there will be no type of interaction compromising the security, such for example, positioning a certain application (that was dimensioned to stay on the private net only) on the network DMZ (Demilitarized zone) delimitated for that can be integrated with other application which is on the Internet.

Public cloud

The model based on the public cloud is about a model where the services related to the contracted applications are totally outside of the private network of the Company. In other words, they are totally on the Internet.

This model possess several benefits, in what is referred to the flexibility for the expansion of the acquired resources. As well as, the possibility of not existing costs related to the maintenance of a dedicated infrastructure. It also allows to be implemented in a quicker way than the other two models.

However, it is important to emphasize that this model might now be the ideal for every Company, despite all the benefits presented in it.

One of the main points of alert with relation to this model, is the lack of control over the solution in totality. In this aspect your Company by hiring a solution based on a public cloud, probably will have limited access for administering the platform. Therefore, not being able to visualize more detailed information respective to the functioning of the solution.

This without a doubt will diminish the control of your technical team of IT with the respective technological park. As well as making your Company totally dependent of the technical support of the business responsible by the hosting of the solution.


How can we identify? Each model possess its respective characteristics and alerts and for this reason it is fundamental that a detailed analysis should be done on the environment of your Company before any recruitment. For this analysis, the knowledge and the visibility of the network infrastructure is crucial.

This technical analysis will allow the identification of the model that adequates the most for your Company, according to the type of application that will be hosted in it.

Besides the technical analyses, it is fundamental that a study is done about prices, solutions and types of applications which will be implemented. In this aspect, the participation of the IT technical team is fundamental during all the process, since the analysis until recruitment and implementation of the solution.

The participation of the technical team is indispensable, because it can occur several times, mainly when the suppliers carry through a direct contact with an area of the Company that is not the technical one and the analysis is only restricted to the costs and not to several other factors which also must be considered.

In addition, the technical team will be able to carry out questionings for the respective suppliers which will be able to be very valuable so that an implementation in cloud is successful and not being merely based on lower prices.

When a hiring is carried out without the participation of the technical team unpleasant surprises might occur, for example the implementation of a certain resources which violate with the requisites or technical recommendations of another application, for example.

With the union of the areas of the Company with the IT team, it will be possible to unify efforts for choosing the solution in cloud which adequates the most to the technological needs of the Company, and what possess the least price possible.


In this way, there are no doubts about the importance of investing on network management. Therefore, bringing not only benefits for the network visibility, but also being a way of obtaining data for helping in the decision-making processes.

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