That the job market is competitive is nothing new. New technologies are emerging daily, as a result, it is necessary for professionals to be continuously updated. Especially for those who work with information technology and communication.

The job market underwent a revolution during the pandemic, remote or hybrid vacancies are increasingly common, promoting the possibility of the professional to apply for vacancies in companies located throughout Brazil, even outside the country, without having to leave home.

Despite the increase in opportunities from remote vacancies, competitiveness has also increased, as competition is no longer limited to people living in the same region. Therefore, whether the job is remote, face-to-face, or hybrid, one thing is for sure, continuous learning is crucial for anyone looking for a good placement in the job market.


Certifications are formal statements issued by manufacturers/developers that are intended to prove that a professional has a certain level of knowledge in their product. Because of this, they are highly valued by several companies, not only for selective processes but also for being one of the criteria for the progression of the employee in the company.

There are numerous ways to obtain certifications, ranging from in-person tests at authorized centers, online tests, monitored or not, and others that are obtained by completing courses with attention to the prerequisites defined by the institution that organizes them. Certifications can also be free or paid for.

Some companies have already understood the potential of creating their own certifications, due to the opportunity to train professionals in their products, in addition to being a powerful marketing tool. So, it’s not just the professional who gains from it, it’s a relationship where both sides win. As a result, many companies are creating academies for training and certification trails ranging from entry-level to most advanced ones. The greater the credibility of the company, the more its products and services are disseminated in the market, the greater the recognition of certification.


As much as the goal is certification, the moment where the candidate will actually acquire the skills so valued will be in the preparation phase. Studying is a repetitive process that requires disciplined focus. Especially for the most demanding certifications, which in addition to addressing vast contents, have tricky questions in their tests.

To succeed in a certification, first master the basics, avoid skipping steps. Search for recommended materials, practice in laboratories, and do as many exercises as possible. Book the test in advance to create a sense of responsibility, seek out other people with common goals. When you can, help your fellow students if they have questions.

The courses are important allies, however, when attending classes, the student will be part of the learning process. Because of this, practice and repetition are crucial. For most scenarios, the classes are important, but not enough. Thus, for effective use, the practices, and exercises demonstrated in class should always be reproduced at the time of study, either individually or in groups. Repetition is the key to learning, never do a practice or exercise just once.


Telcomanager is a Brazilian company specialized in the development of software for monitoring and managing computer networks. The presence of Telcomanager, the Latin American market leader in the segment, is focused on providing complete network management solutions. Thus, meeting all the needs for an efficient management of resources directly and indirectly linked to the computer network.

Today, Telcomanager solutions monitor and help manage the networks of telecom operators, retail chains, banks and financial organizations, logistics companies, base industries, and content providers. For the best use of all the resources available in its systems, Telcomanager also has its own program of courses and certifications.

Telcomanager certifications can be withdrawn from the completion of Telcomanager certification courses, we currently offer certificates from our three main systems  TRAFip, SLAview and CFGtool. Take the opportunity to participate in a live, practical, free and certified course. Learn good network monitoring practices, such as operating and configuring Telcomanager monitoring systems. Registration link:


There is no doubt about the importance of investing in network management. Thus, it is noticeable that these good practices bring not only benefits to the visibility of the infrastructure, but also a way to ensure crucial information for increasingly assertive planning and strategies.

With this in mind, Telcomanager, Latin  America’s leader in the network management software industry, since 2002 in the market with a unique and innovative methodology, provides intelligent solutions for data monitoring in order to provide complete visibility to the customer’s infrastructure, allowing your company to keep track of the main aspects of your network.

Posted in 06/13/2022