The current market undoubtedly points to a considerable growth in the area of Information Technology worldwide, especially in Brazil. There are several technologies gathered that increasingly drive the IT market as a whole, and naturally, make it so that companies must always remain updated.

In this regard, it is important to consider that the remote or even hybrid work model (driven by the Covid-19 pandemic) has contributed to the acceleration of the use of new technologies, and consequently to the demand for new resources.

Given this scenario, how can your company keep up with such growth in the IT area?

Is it mandatory to make new investments, or is reusing existing technological resources an option?

How to provide your customers with the best possible technological experience, in line with your business strategy?

It is about these and other points that we will address in this article. Let’s go together?


Initially, it is important to consider that as much as the IT area has been growing, it is necessary that the use of technologies is always aligned with the company’s business strategy.

In other words, it is not appropriate to implement a technology in a non-judicious way, just because it is on the rise in the market or because it is applicable to several other scenarios that do not match the company’s proposal.

Having made this caution, it is also important to point out that accompanying the growth of an area does not necessarily mean acquiring new investments or the complete replacements of an existing technological infrastructure.

However, although it does not necessarily mean that it will not be necessary, only a correct mapping can indicate whether your company will need new investments in IT area or not.


Here are some points that could elucidate this possible need for additional investments:

Is your company’s technology park properly updated and supported by the manufacturer?

This first point is essential for your company to identify whether any additional investment is needed or not.

Outdated infrastructures, in addition to being able to cause several security breaches for an organization, can also bring several problems, from failures, as well as the inability to provide a quality service to its employees or even to its customers.

Are your company’s customer service channels adequately meeting their respective needs?

We can accurately state that customers are essential for the operation of any for-profit company.

We live in such a busy time, with schedule compromised for various reasons, that it is important to reflect on whether the customer service channels that your company currently provides meet the existing demand for customer relationships.

Customers often won’t have the time to make a phone, and so, creating instantaneous communication means can help considerably in a faster interaction, and consequently, bring more satisfaction to your customers.

Does your company have full control over current technology costs?

In order for your company to be aware of whether an additional investment is necessary or not, it is first and foremost important to have a full control of the costs that are currently being made in the IT department.

When we talk about “existing costs” it is critical to consider that these must be consistent with the current needs of the company.

Therefore, if in a mapping your company identifies existing costs that technically would not be necessary with the current reality, it is essential that these are promptly verified and, if possible, corrected as soon as possible, as such additional costs may even make it impossible to bring improvements for the department.

Of course, in addition to the points mentioned above, there are several others that must be previously verified in an individual analysis of each company.


In addition to these examples, there are various types of technologies that your company can adopt in order to assist their respective customers in accordance with their needs. However, as we can see in this article, it is crucial that your company be attentive and follow all the technological developments that are underway.

The monitoring will help your company to review the current scenario, as well as identify possibilities for improvements, aimed at delivering a quality service to your customers, without giving up essential premises for any organization, such as data security and control.

There is no doubt about the importance of investing in network management. Thus, it is noticeable that these good practices bring not only benefits to the visibility of the infrastructure, but also a way to ensure crucial information for increasingly assertive planning and strategies.

With that in mind, Telcomanager, Latin America’s leader in the software network management sector, in the market since 2002, with a unique and innovative methodology, provides intelligent solutions for data monitoring to give complete visibility to the customer’s infrastructure. This allows your company to keep track of the main aspects of your network.

Posted in 06/20/2022