Without any doubts, one of the major concerns of companies that provide services of technical support is guaranteeing for its clients an efficient attendance. As well as respecting the period (SLA) that was previously agreed on the occasion of the celebration of the contract of services.However, if the company dispose of resources of qualified and certified professionals in the products represented, even though, we know that sometimes it becomes a complex task to guarantee a quick and effective attendance within the agreed deadline.

There is no point on answer a call or responding an e-mail within the period, if the problem in question informed by the client is not solved in an effective manner.

In this context, many companies carry out preventive maintenances, and this, without any doubts, helps considerably for the full functioning of the technological park. However, cannot be sufficient for preventing the environment against failures.

Based in such points, how it would be possible to guarantee to a client that the period of attendance predicted will be fulfilled in a satisfactory manner?

It is about this topic that we will approach during this article.

Firstly, we will consider the following:

The fact of a company being of a smaller size, does not mean that it is not able to meet the demands inside a stipulated deadline. In parallel with the statement above, it is not because a company is of a large size, that it will be certainly able to meet all the demands satisfactorily according to the SLA.

Well, now that we consider these two points above, we will give continuity to the analysis.

In this manner, the size of the company doesn’t mean necessarily that it is capable of solving the problems in conformity with the SLA provided, so what makes it capable of such?


We can conclude initially, which exist several factors that can influence for that the service will be able to meet the deadlines demanded. Such factors can vary certainly, according to the profile of each company, strategic plans, business models, among other points.

However, let us see on the following some points which help in the compliance of the predicted deadlines.

Qualified technical staff

This is one of the main points involved, when we talk about customer service inside a certain period of time. If does not possess a quantitative of professionals necessary or if there is only a few professionals with the necessary qualification, this can be a great sign that your company might have difficulties in meeting the demands within the deadline required by the client.

In this case, it is important to identify if the hiring of new professionals is necessary or if the ones working currently in the company, will be able to meet the demands in a satisfactory period. However, in both cases, the technical qualification about the products is fundamental.

Attendance in Technical Duty

Let’s consider that a certain company would like to provide services of technical support in the 24×7 modality. What would be necessary so that these services can be rendered correctly? Let us see on the following some inquiries that have important answers for helping us to respond to such questioning.

How many professionals would be working in the modality of on-call?

Which is the level of technical knowledge of these professionals in the products to be supported?

In case these professionals need to relocate in person even the clients, which is the foreseen time of arrival of professionals, leaving from their homes to the respective addresses of the clients?

In case your company is an integrator of solutions, there is a contract of support with the manufacturer of the products to be supported? If yes, does it contemplate 24×7 service? Which are the deadlines of attendance with the manufacturer?

There are equipment of backup for a quick replacement, in case there is a physical failure in some of the equipment of the client?


In several occasions, the experts can lose a lot of time implementing processes of troubleshooting in problems that could be identified in a quicker and more effective manner. This time spent, certainly can bring about in disorders for the client and for the company as well. One of the most efficient manners of solving problems, before those aggravate is with the automation of processes of diagnosis and monitoring through technological tools. Let’s see on the following some of the main benefits that we have with this automation:

Helps your technical team in the monitoring of the environment

We know that it is hard to follow up full-time about all the processes and applications in progress inside a company. For this reason, it is important that there are tools available which allow the sweep in the technological environment. With that, pointing out possible important events for your team, before occurring a consolidation of a problem.

As an example, we may quote a tool of monitoring in the network that is capable both of identifying with precision when there is a very elevated traffic in the servers, as well as carrying out notifications (through SMS and e-mail) for the respective professionals for the support of a technological park.

Mapping of all processes

In order to guarantee an effective service for the clients, it is important that all the processes related to the attendance cycle are known by everyone, mainly the clients. It is important that the prescribed deadlines both for the beginning of the attendance as well as for the solving of problems, the contacts for the scheduling of the calls, among other information.

This will bring more security for the clients, that will be able to have in a precise way all the steps relevant to the attendance of the calls and carrying out the adequate follow-up.


As we were able to observe in the course of this article, to guarantee a satisfactory SLA for the clients is not an easy task. On the contrary, it requires a lot of dedication and commitment from all the collaborators involved.

In addition, in several cases, it becomes necessary the utilization of technological tools which allow the monitoring of the environment of the client in real time and with this assisting the technical team in the analysis of the infrastructure.

The utilization of technological resources for the detection and prevention of problems, is very important, both for guaranteeing a service with the best possible quality, as well as, for enabling to meet the demands in the agreed deadlines by the clients.

In this sense, there are no doubts about the importance of investing in network management. In this manner, we are able to not only bring benefits for the visibility of the infrastructure, but also representing a way to guarantee greater agility and capacity of anticipating to problems.

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