Without a doubt, the year of 2020 was very challenging in several aspects for everyone. Swiftly, we had to reinvent ourselves. In this manner, we were also required to find out ways for keeping our activities without compromising the quality of life.

In the corporate world, several Companies needed to reorganize. Mainly, in order to continue meeting their respective demands.

Before all of these challenges that went on throughout 2020, we are also reaching to the conclusion that technology has been one of the greatest foundations that we got available to overcome the obstacles we have faced.

Therefore, we have reached to the following questioning:

How can we improve the experience of our clients for the year of 2021?


Solutions of unified communications

After all, unified communications could stand for what? Basically, a set of resources reunited which allows for the maintenance of the collaboration between people remotely. Many companies during the pandemic of COVID-19 have adopted solutions which allowed that their collaborators could communicate from a distance. As well as, through mobile applications. This made the Companies to at least diminish the impact of the pandemic. In this sense, the collaborator, which is a user, had the opportunity to perform and receive internal or external calls as if he(she) were in their office physically.

Attendance solutions from a remote contact center

Imagine that in an unexpected way, several companies had to migrate all of their collaborators to work inside their homes. After all, this is what happened in several cases. However, with the help of technology, it was possible to create a remote attendance structure in several companies. Therefore, the employees needed only an appropriate physical environment at home with a minimal structure and Internet connection.

Meetings through videoconference

Notoriously, nothing replaces completely a special meeting. However, with the help of solutions of videoconferencing it was possible to make the Companies to continue with their commitments. And therefore keeping the collaboration between the professionals involved. Certainly, many meetings that probably would have been cancelled, actually took place remotely through videoconferencing platforms.

Now that we have seen some of the main benefits that technology has brought us in the last difficult year, how could we improve even more such advantages?


Obviously, there is no single standard of methodology which applies itself to all companies. However, let’s check tome topics on the following that are important and should be followed:

Customize your customer care

We live in times when each of our clients can be given the preference to be answered in a different manner. To delimit the attendance using only a single way, might end up diminishing the broadness of the approach of your Company. And thus, making the relationship with their own clients more difficult.

With that being taken into consideration, it will be important to diversify the way how the clients could get in touch with the Company. Therefore, clients will be able to utilize their preferential service channel or even the one that in that occasion would be the most practical and fast for the customer.

Be always available

Availability, without a doubt is very important so that all your clients could be answered in a timely manner. We know that not always the demands possesses a normal deadline until the delivery. However, for this reason it is important to know how to understand when situations such as those might occur and how to be able to meet such demands in a quicker manner.

Obviously that every Company has its respective opening hours and it is not always possible to have availability to answer in several times. Although, in such cases it will be important to understand that if a certain information could not be made available in an automatic way through a chatbot on the Web page of the Company or through an electronic menu by means of a phone call, for example.

Guarantee the security of the data of your clients

It is fundamental that all your clients may feel protected in relation to the respective utilization of the data administered by the Company. The best way to do this is to keep a total transparency about all the data usage process. As well as their respective purposes and necessary approvals for such.

Besides the feeling of security from the client in relation to the utilization of their data by the Company, it is very important that it adopts Compliance Policies to utilize the data in conformity with the LGPD – General Law for the Protection of Personal Data in Brazil.

Always capacitate your team

Investing in qualification for your team is without any doubt a prerequisite for any Company which desires to present a service for their clients that counts with the best quality possible. The clients need to identify that your Company have a qualified technical staff ready to provide attendance. The capacitation will not only bring competitive advantages for your Company, but also will help maintaining their clients satisfied.

Make constructive sales

Many Companies because of the necessities of reaching their respective goals of sales might end up emphasizing (in an unintentional manner) a certain sale more focused on the final value of the product than the real necessity of the client. This might result in the diminution of the final value aggregated of your solution and not attending in reality, the needs of the client. Sometimes, it is better not to carry out a sale, but being sincere and transparent with the real need of your client, rather than concluding a sale and not being capable to meet his(her) final needs.

Performing constructive sales is not only thinking about the value of the product but also how such product might be able to supply the needs of your client. In other words, it is being able to sell as you would be the client of your own Company. This, without a doubt, will increase the trust and the level of the relationship of your clients.

We know that the year of 2021 will bring new challenges and all the Companies will need to adapt their own businesses and mainly the way of treating the respective demands from clients, in the measure that the technology evolves.

In order to help your Company to having a mapped network, manageable, with complete control, which will help you to improve the experience of your clients for the year of 2021, count on us! We will always be at your disposal for helping with all of the new challenges that the New Year will bring.


In this way, there are no doubts about the importance of investing on network management. In this same manner, bringing not only benefits to the network visibility but also being a complementary way to seek for the prevention of problems that might cause the dropping of network services.

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