If there is anything that the year of 2020 has taught us would be that one of the keys to maintain businesses in any Company functioning is the modularity that it should possess, by dealing with adverse scenarios.

In this context, several solutions and applications which previously were optional for several companies, have become necessary for the continuity of their own activities.

There has been an abrupt change. Therefore, we didn’t get the necessary time for doing a planning. Several companies had to adopt measures without at least having a mapping appropriate for their own infrastructure.

Adding it to the challenges that the year has brought us, the evolution of technology has conducted to several dimensions which could be even more exploited in the course of the next few years.

Let us check some of these new paths:

Internet of Things (IoT)

There is a natural tendency increasingly for the companies to implement solutions based in IoT. For such, a structured and organized network is fundamental. Imagine that in one environment where several devices need to be connected simultaneously, such as a structured network will make all the difference for the solution to be able to function adequately.

 Protection against cyber-attacks

Without a doubt, this is a topic of extreme importance. Increasingly the companies will need to reinforce its defenses against possible attacks which might compromise its security. During the pandemic of COVID-19, several companies have been targets of attacks, which brought several disorders, and, in some cases. even damages.

Artificial Intelligence

With the purpose of automating processes, Companies tend to adopt solutions based in AI (Artificial Intelligence) which allow for the reducing of costs and speeding the respective attendances from clients. An example that we are used to see frequently is the utilization of “chat bots” for the treatment of a certain demand, vacating in this manner the necessity of having a human professional acting directly.

Based on the topic we have seen above, how could we prepare our infrastructure for such challenges?

Obviously that due to the complexity of each topic, it would be necessary that every scenery could be analyzed individually, however let us check on the following some important questionings that could be made.

Does your Company has an inventory that can identify all the respective devices? 

It is very important for your Company to have an inventory that can contain all the elements of the fleet. The utilization of equipment that is not being identified inside an inventory, can besides impairing the functioning of your network, also offer “loopholes” for hackers that might be able to carry out cyber-attacks.

Is there some mapping that identifies status of each device of your network?

Evidently, a preventive maintenance must be capable of identifying the status of each device, as well as its real functioning conditions. However, we know that technical problems in equipment can occur in several hours. For this reason, a tool which visualizes in real time the status of each device is fundamental for your technical team to identify problems in advance and correct them also in a timely manner.

 Your current devices (switches, routers, firewalls, among others) are updated and with valid support from the manufacturer?

It is important that your equipment and other solutions present are properly updated and with valid support by the manufacturer. This not only will be able to provide a more efficient functioning of your park as a whole, but also will allow that the manufacturer, in case you identify some new breach of security to correct it in a single actualization. The devices that are not updated and which also do not have a valid support from the manufacturer will be able to create more gaps available for actions from hackers, as well as, impacts in the functioning of the data environment.

Is it possible to identify the current traffic of your Company’s network?

The identification of the traffic is essential, because it not only will allow your team to be able to identify the points of improvement, such as the detection of some suspected traffic besides the realization of the necessary actions. In an IoT network it is even more important to have knowledge of network traffic, because depending on the application it will not be able to function adequately.

 Is there a defined policy for the solutions utilized based in cloud and how those will interact with your on-premisses environment?

This topic, for several times can go unnoticed, however when we treat solutions on the cloud which utilize or share resources of a private environment, it is important that policies are defined. Besides the internal policy, it is important to consult the manufacturer in what refers to the better practices possible in terms of security for certain solution. In case the solution is purely on the cloud, even though it is important to identify if it meets the minimal requirements of security for your environment.

Does your Company possess the standards which define the users’ privileges to the applications?

It is important that the privileges for each user are defined and limited. Overly permission which is unnecessary must be restricted. This will allow the Company to avoid unauthorized data to be accessed or changed in any way by the users mistakenly. Just as will make it difficult for hackers to get access to confidential information by the Company through the usage of Social Engineering or other techniques.

Without a doubt, having an infrastructure of network which is adequate will be fundamental for keeping all the applications necessary functioning, however, it is not enough to only possess the best equipment.

Having the complete mapping of your infrastructure, is not only propitiating an efficient consumption of its resources, but it is also about preserving the correct functioning of all its operation.


In this way, there are no doubts about the importance of investing on network management. In this same manner, bringing not only benefits to the network visibility but also being a complementary way to seek for the prevention of problems that might cause the dropping of network services.

Thinking of that, Telcomanager present in the market since 2002, and a leading Latin America brand in the sector of software for managing networks. Also counting with a unique and innovative technology, deploying smart solutions in the monitoring of data that will provide a stratified vision of the traffic, is now allowing your Company to follow the most important aspects of your network, in real time.