The fact that the Cyber Security theme is already a part of the needs of Companies in the current market, is something that nobody doubts anymore.

Businesses need to reinforce their internal systems increasingly. Especially, applying restrictions against access to the internal environment and matching their policies periodically, in order to implement always the best and most current security practices.

In this respect, when the collaborators are working inside a totally manageable environment, it comes naturally and easier for the technical team to carry out the proper control. Mainly, in what refers to the security of the utilized devices. As well as the network used.

However, due to the new coronavirus pandemic several companies have adopted the Home Office system for all their collaborators. This, obviously has made several companies to “drop” the complete control of the utilized devices. As well as the network used.

Several users started to employ their own devices to perform tasks. Therefore, making confidential data trafficked by operational systems not really updated or without any level of protection. In that way, compromising even more the security of the Company.

Since from the beginning of the pandemic there has been a considerable growth of Cyber Attacks in several segments. In this scenario, several Companies had to start protecting themselves considerably more.

With this stated, new strategies need to be implemented. With the intent of adjusting the reality of the remote working with security.

Let’s check some important strategies that your Company will be able to adopt in order to reinforce security:


Orientation for users not to open unknown links 

This is a famous method of attack which seeks to steal data. Attaching files which, at first sight seem to be harmless, however designed with malicious codes. Despite this orientation being something considerably common from a long time ago, it must be reinforced, because as the users will be working from their homes, the chances of occurring attacks through unknown links will increase considerably.

Utilization of one single tool of collaboration 

In this scenario of pandemic times, the users tend to utilize more than one single solution of collaboration for the entrance in rooms of videoconference. However, the bigger the variety of possibilities, the more difficult will be for the technical team to evaluate the risks. For this purpose, it is important that the utilization of only one solution is defined.

 Reinforcing the security policy with relation to Social Engineering 

In several cases, techniques are utilized of “Social Engineering” to induce certain collaborators to repost confidential information. Considering an environment, where the collaborators need sometimes to share their time with other tasks, naturally the chances of occurring an invasion in this sense increase.

Carrying out periodic risk assessments 

It is indispensable that risk assessments are carried out frequently. Thus, counting for the conduction of new standards for security policies. In the same manner that the Companies evolve their respective technologies, the attacks are also getting upgraded. It is important that your technical team evaluate with other pertinent areas all the security strategies. Mainly, considering the market niche where your Company actuates.

Managing of the infrastructure existent 

If when the users were working completely inside the Office, it was already fundamental to have the management of the infrastructure of the Company, now in the context of remote working, it has become essential. Bearing in mind that the majority of the users is working in an environment without security parameters and need to access the private network of the Company (through a VPN, for example).

Keep the collaborators informed about the current risks 

Many attacks are well succeeded simply due to the lack of information on the part of the collaborators. Sometimes, the IT team might have the impression that disclosing more technical terms can complicate the understanding on the part of the common users and other times can opt for not informing of such things. However, it is important to disseminate with frequency for the sake of the collaborators information about the new risks of attacks and which are their roles in prevention.

This, without a doubt will help to propagate inside the Company a general awareness. In this manner, it will be possible to stop that employees get attracted by virtual traps carrying out certain procedures that might put the security of the Company at risk.

Besides the strategies above, there are several other procedures that your Company will be able to adopt in order to increase the level of Cyber Security.

It is very important that the companies might carry out frequent training with collaborators. Primarily, with the objective of technical and commercial alignment with all the departments.

The useful information which aggregates value and instruct the users, always will be welcomed and it is a fundamental measure to improve increasingly the practices relative to the information security.

The Companies need even more to understand their respective profiles and update their strategies to combat threats, whether through the adoption of new technologies or of the constant qualification of collaborators.


As said previously, one of the recommended practices is the management of the existent infrastructure. Therefore it is much more difficult to prevent or being capable of a quick answer to any problem on the network without the due visibility.

In this way, there is no doubts about the importance of investing on network management. Therefore, bringing not only benefits to the visibility of the network but also being a way to guarantee an agile and proactive IT Team.

Thinking of that, Telcomanager present in the market since 2002, and a leading Latin America brand in the sector of software for managing networks. Also counting with a unique and innovative technology, deploying smart solutions in the monitoring of data that will provide a stratified vision of the traffic, is now allowing your Company to follow the most important aspects of your network, in real time.