It is undeniable that the technological needs of the organizations over the years, suffer constant changes. New ways of generating business arise, and adapting the technological environment for this, is without any doubts, essential for the continuity of any company.One example of this, is that many meetings that were realized presentially, started to occur in a remote way through video conferences, where the users can gather anywhere in the world.

The fact is that if the companies don’t update their respective technological solutions, it will be increasingly more difficult to be successful in the closing of new business deals, in the same way might occur loss of space in the market for the competitors.

With that, how to adequate the infrastructure of your company to meet the requirements of the clients?


Firstly, it is important to understand that there are some points which are essential to any company, in order to be able to perform their respective activities.

Let us see on the following some of these points:


The security is without any doubts, indispensable to any organization. For such it will be necessary to identify if currently your company counts with the necessary mechanisms or if some additional mechanism will become necessary for the protection of the data. With that, let us see some points that must be analyzed internally:

Which are the mechanisms utilized currently for the prevention against hacker’s attacks?

How the data of the clients is stored?

What are the backup and restoration of data policies for the case of an eventual intervention?

To have the profile of the client mapped

For your company to able to adapt their technological park in order to meet the needs of your clients, it is essential that the profile of your client (target) is mapped correctly. For such, some questions below can be verified and responded internally:

Our solutions are developed to meet a market niche specifically? Our clients contact the company more frequently by phone or email?

What is the way our clients adopt to perform purchases with our company?

 Investing in a technical staff

For the clients to be attracted and well attended, without any doubts, there is a need to have an investment in a technical staff. This investment can be both in the technical qualification of the existing collaborators as well as in the hiring of new collaborators.

Now that we saw some important points for the organizations, let us understand some of the forms that your company will be able to adopt in order to adequate the infrastructure, aiming to meet the opportunities:


Have the inventory of your technological park

Before any new investment, it is fundamental that your company to have at hands, all the costs corresponding to the current infrastructure, as well as if those, are justified or not. The unnecessary expenses, certainly, besides causing financial damages, also hamper the correct allocation of the investments in unnecessary resources. Let us see, o the following some examples:

Is there the need to keep the links of the data currently hired? If yes, it will be possible to identify correctly how this data is being utilized?

The costs related to the maintenance and updating of the current equipment in the datacenter are justified or the migration for a public cloud (partial or total) would have more attractive prices?

Plan your solution as you were the client

If you put yourself in the place of the client in the planning stage, it is an excellent exercise to identify which are the technical gaps that perhaps need to be filled. In this manner, let us see some example scenarios:

Scenario 1 – “My client utilizes applications that demand elevated computational resources in certain periods”. Suggestion of action: In this case, it would be important to evaluate if it wouldn’t make more sense to migrate the applications utilized by such client for the cloud, with the intention of diminishing the costs and enabling the elasticity of the necessary resources.

Scenario 2“The client wants to utilize computational resources under demand in applications, however, demands that certain files will not go stored in a public cloud”. Suggestion of action: For this scenario, analyzing and proposing a hybrid environment (in other words, with resources in public cloud and other resources on-premises) can be an excellent way of adapting the infrastructure with the needs.

Scenario 3“My client doesn’t know when it will be necessary to hire new resources (links of data, servers, equipment) or reducing the existing resources”. Suggestion of action: In this situation, help the client in a proactive manner (through technical information extracted from tools) about how is the consumption for the existing technological resources.

Scenario 4“My client does not have timely manner to send emails for opening tickets”. Suggestion of action: Identify what would be the preferential media of your clients for the interaction with the technical support of your Company. At times, the client can’t stop to send an email with all the information requested in one form (for example) however, case there is a portal for opening tickets or a tool that enables the opening in a quicker and instantaneous way, besides helping your client, you will also have a greater control of the occurrences, instead only an email interaction.

Periodically follow up with the client’s needs and ask for feedback

As we spoke in the beginning of this article, the technological needs of the companies suffer constant alterations in the passing of the years. For this reason, it is indispensable that your company follow up with the commercial department, the needs of the clients (what they ask the most or need) and ask for feedback.

The feedbacks, however they are not always with the intention of complimenting, possess an important role in the sense of alerting your company about what can be improved for not only retaining the current clients, but also to capture new.


As we could observe, adapting the infrastructure to meet the needs of the clients, requires a strategic planning of the actions, which aim to fill the technical gaps according with what the clients need.

To have this vision and putting into practice, is fundamental so that every company is able to continue developing its activities, as well as guaranteeing the necessary quality in the services provided for the clients.

In this sense, there are no doubts about the importance of investing in network management. Therefore, we are able to bring not only benefits for the visibility of the infrastructure, but also a way of guaranteeing crucial information for the foresight of problems.

Thinking about it,  Telcomanager, leader in Latin America in the sector of software for network management, since 2002 in the market with a unique and innovative methodology, makes available smart solutions for the monitoring of data for providing complete visibility to the infrastructure of the client, allowing your Company to accompany the main aspects of your network.