During the year of 2021, we were able to witness, without any doubts, a considerable growing of cyberattacks. With that, many companies have become targets of attacks and consequently, had their data exposed.In addition to that, increasingly arising new vulnerabilities, that consequently, cause breaches of security and enable that virtual criminals manage to succeed in their attempt of invasion.

Such as a recent example, we can quote the vulnerability discovered of the Log4j, what made several companies in the world need to make available overnight mechanisms to contain such vulnerability.

In the technological scenery that we live in, in fact, is not enough to have the best equipment available. In this point, what your company could do to increase the security in the next year?

What are the actions that should be taken?

It is about these and other topics that we will address in this article.


The security of the information is without any doubts one of the greatest concerns of the companies around the world. The reason for such has as a basis several themes, amongst which we can quote:

Growth of the online transactions

The growth of the transactions through the Internet (motivated by the COVID-19 pandemic) involves the necessity of possessing an adequate technological infrastructure that is able to accommodate the needed volume of trafficked data.

Technological evolution

In the same measure as the technology evolves in a positive manner for the companies, the virtual criminals are also increasingly more sophisticated in the cyberattack tactics.

Adoption of the IoT 

With the adoption, increasingly larger, on the side of the companies to the IoT many devices that previously were not connected to the network started to be bonded. This growth enables the arising of several new paths for an invasion attempt, and consequently, makes the companies need to redouble the precautions.

Based in these themes that we observe, what are the actions that your company will need to perform for this year that is beginning?


Let us see some forms of increasing the security of your company and diminishing risks:

Network infrastructure with appropriate mapping

As we have informed above, in fact, having the best equipment available is not enough for guaranteeing that your company will be safe against invasions. However, utilizing obsolete or discontinued equipment by the respective manufacturers, certainly, can make your company even more exposed to several breaches of security.

While the technology evolves, cyberattacks grow, and for this reason it is fundamental to have available the necessary mechanisms to protect your company. Furthermore, it is not enough only to have the equipment up-to-date, without having a correct or effective mapping of the traffic.

Have a B plan for your vital applications

Many vulnerabilities can arise in certain applications that were not even glimpsed. For this reason, it is important to identify which are the vital applications for the business of your company, and what would be the alternatives for replacing them.

This will allow your company to be able to anticipate an eventual need of emergency replacement, as well, will provide more planned and well evaluated actions, because during an event involving crisis, several steps of analysis and planning might not be taken, aiming an immediate correction.

Revise the security policies

With the growth of remote working, many collaborators started to access the resources of the company through the Internet. However, such access can open breaches of security for the company. Because of that, it is essential for your company to evaluate the security policies for all the collaborators.

The security policies must consider, mainly, what are the necessary prerequisites for the users to be able to access the computational resources of the company. In this point, some mechanisms can be adopted such as:

  •       Authentication through an additional device – In this case, the user by inserting their respective login and password, will still need to approve the access to a certain system, by an additional device, such as a smartphone, for example.
  •       Revise the security policies of laptops – It is very common that the collaborators who work in the Home Office modality utilize their respective corporative laptops. For this reason, it is fundamental that the IT technical team adopts the security policies necessary in the machines, such as for example, the restriction of the installation of applications not authorized by the company.

Keep your technical team trained

The technical qualification without doubts, is fundamental. The technology evolves quickly, and with that, in order to guarantee that the best defenses will be adopted for the business of your company, it becomes necessary that the company is able to invest on trainings and qualification for all the collaborators. This qualification process aims not only to guarantee appropriate technical knowledge for you team, but also to instruct the users about how they will be able to act in certain situations striving to protect such collaborators against the actions of virtual criminals, such as, for example, social engineering.


As we can observe in the course of this article, keeping the data of your Company protected is not an easy task. However, all the companies that wish to continue performing their respective tasks for the next years, should worry with the security of the data.

Not only the growth, but also the maintenance of the businesses of the Company, will depend on the security about how the data is being trafficked.

In this sense, there are no doubts about the importance of investing in network management. Therefore, bringing not only benefits for the visibility of the infrastructure, but also a way of guaranteeing crucial information for the planning of the information security.

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